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The following is the update archive:

1998 Updates

1999 Updates

2000 Updates

2001 Updates

2002 Updates

2003 Updates

2004 Updates

2004– Muffin at McDonald’s may contain gelatin- Non-animal rennet in Super C cheeses

– Canadian flu shots gelatin-free

– Info on Krinos feta cheese

– Claritin free of animal ingredients

– No problem with Polar Capp; Tim Hortons bagel warning

– Info on Pot of Gold, Bridge Mixture

– Info on cheese at Pizza Pizza

– No problem with malt extract

– Info on Tim Hortons cake and donut icings, new items

– Pork, fish, chicken fried in same oil at BK

– Info on Macaroni & Cheese and Fettuccine Alfredo

– Not all Rice Krispies Squares contain gelatin

– Information on ice cream cakes

– No animal ingredients in new Wrigley flavours

– Revised list from Frito Lay Canada

– Rennet back in Kraft Singles Swiss cheese slices

– Frito Lay info may once again be outdated

– Gelatin in some Yoplait yogurts

– Country Style statement for eat-halal.com visitors

– Alternatives to whey protein supplements

– Halal-certified multivitamin now available

– No animal ingredients in Coca-Cola

– No problem with Starbucks Frappuccino®

– Info on cheeses by Parmalat

– Information on Taco Bell, KFC fries

– Avoid GNC Whey Protein

– Details on Pizza Hut dough; Panago Pizza

– Information on Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate

– Not all Kellogg’s Pop Tarts contain gelatin

– No problem with donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts

– Information on Pizza Hut cheese, dough

– Pork in new Slim·Fast Instant Soups

– Information on Slim·Fast

– No ADIs or alcohol in Buckley’s caplets

– Whey in Tootsie Roll questionable

– oetker Ristorante frozen pizzas contain ADIs

– Information on macaroni and cheese dinners

– Clarification on DQ soft serve

– Chicken base in some non-meat dishes at Manchu WOK

2003– L-cysteine in Domino’s pizza; source unknown- Most new Vachon Christmas cakes Haram

– New information on Frito Lay snacks

– Frito Lay info may be outdated

– Ah Caramel! Triple Choco Haram

– No gelatin in flu shots this year

– Nestle Follow-Up Formula Halal

– Vanilla extract in Pepsi Vanilla; not listed in Canada

– McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish warning

– Trypsin in Nestle Good Start infant formula

– Chicken fat in KFC poutine

– Alcohol-free mouthwashes available

– Pepsi Vanilla not Halal: MCG

– Some Equality cheeses free of animal rennet, enzymes

– Limited information on Cinnabon

– Madina’s frozen chicken products arrive in stores

– Rennet in Nacho Cheese Bugles

– No ADIs in Storck Candies

– Two Astro product lines contain gelatin

– No ADIs in new Doritos flavours: Frito Lay rep

– “Halal” cola in Montreal

– Information on breads

– No ADIs in Laura Secord ice creams; most free of alcohol

– ADIs in Humpty Dumpty cheese corn snacks

– No alcohol in most Baskin Robbins ice creams

– Papain a Halal ingredient

– “Suitable for Vegetarians” not necessarily Halal

– Most Nestle ice creams contain alcohol in flavourings

– Not all Wendy’s fries fried in shared oil

– No problem with Weston breads

– Still no wine in Canadian BK Veggie Burger

– Beware of lard in pies, pastries

– Avoid most Schneiders Lunchmates

– Pre-gelatinized wheat starch Halal

– No ADIs in latest Doritos flavourq

– Avoid PC Vegetable Lasagna

– Alcohol in soy sauce

– Information on whip creams

– Gelatin in most Danone yogurts

Cheese Found in Pasta Sauce

Information on PC Cheesecake, Parmesan Cheese

L-Cysteine in Flour from Synthetic Source

Information on BK Onion Rings, Harvey’s Fries

Information on Margarines

Wine in PC Dijon Mustard

Information on Enfalac Infant Vitamins

Rennet in Kraft Singles Swiss “Light”

– Oil at Joey’s Not Shared Anymore, No Animal Ingredients in Fries

Slice Cheese Free of Animal Ingredients

2002– Beware of Alcohol in Frozen Croissants- Whey in Tim Hortons Products Free of Animal Rennet

– No Animal Rennet, Pepsin in Our Compliments Brick Cheeses

– Animal Fat in Peek Freans Shortcake Cookies

– No Animal Ingredients or Alcohol in Tic Tacs

– Information on Whey in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

– Only Krispy Kreme’s Glazed Doughnuts Contain Alcohol in Flavourings

– Pizza Pizza garlic sauce contains rennet

– Avoid Ziggy’s International pizza crust

– Vitamin D3 in milk from sheep’s wool: supplier

– Crest Whitestrips free of alcohol, animal ingredients

– Life brand Spectrum multi-vitamins free of gelatin

– Beware of wine in PC garlic bread

– Watch out for gelatin in some Astro yogurts

– Rennet in La Vache Qui Rit and Kiri cheeses from non-animal source

– Information on whey in No Name products

– Information on infant formulas

– Information on new Burger King milkshakes

– New information on Frito Lay products

– Better to avoid Harvey’s poutine

– Rennet in Sara Lee cheesecakes not from animals

– L-cysteine in No Name english muffins Haram

– Halal certified ice cream and yogurt now in Alberta and BC

– L-cysteine in No Name English Muffins

– Colgate Dental Gum found to contain gelatin

– Information on McDonald’s new McVeggie Burger™

– Whey in Campbell’s cream soups contains animal rennet

– Little Caesars cheese, dough, and sauce Halal

– No wine in Canadian BK Veggie Burger – for now

– Chee-tos Crunchits may contain animal rennet and pepsin

– No hidden pork-derived ingredients in products: Kellogg’s Canada

– Beef stock in Doritos Extreme Cheddar and Sour Cream flavour

– No animal derived ingredients in dough, sauce, cheese at 241 Pizza

– Beware of gelatin in some Lactantia yogurts

– L-cysteine in Famosa pizza crust from human hair

– Most of our flavorings contain alcohol’: Krispy Kreme

– No animal ingredients in most Pfizer gums in Canada

– Beware of L-cysteine from human hair

– Information regarding Cadbury and Hershey chocolate bars

– Beware of animal ingredients in sauces and gravies

– KFC chicken, Pizza Hut in Muslim countries Halal

– Neilson Malted Milk contains gelatin

– Alcohol in flavourings of most Chapman’s products

– Lard, beef tallow in some Chevalier cakes

– Almost all Wrigley gums in Canada free of animal ingredients

– Beef tallow may be present in McCain Superquick fries

– Flavourings in Laura Secord ice creams free of alcohol

– Swiss Knight, Gerber cheeses contain animal rennet

– No animal ingredients in Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, may contain alcohol in flavourings

– Most cheeses at Pizza Pizza now Haram

– Some Second Cup items may be Haram

– McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish now fried in separate oil

2001-Most Chips Ahoy! cookies don’t contain lard-Tim Hortons baked goods still free of animal ingredients

– Whey in Canadian Sara Lee layer cakes contains no animal rennet

 All Kraft cheese products in Canada should be avoided

– Some frozen McCain pizzas now permissible

– Clarification: Kraft Cheese Products

– Some Subway items are halal

– Beware of gelatin in multivitamins

– Hostess Frito-Lay list revised

– Harvey’s new crispy fries are halal

– McCain desserts contain lard, gelatin

– Soup seasoning in noodles could be haram

– Gelatin capsules should be avoided

– Natural vanilla extract in The Decadent is halal

– Lilydale chickens are slaughtered mechanically

– Some Equality brand Cheese Sticks should be avoided

– Avoid Nestle SMA Infant Formula

-X-treme Cheese topping, Caesar Salad, Bocci Bits haram at Pizza Pizza

– Most ice creams at Baskin Robbins contain alcohol

– Lard in Christie Coffee Breaks

– Burger King fries now halal; Wendy’s fries should be avoided

– “Muslim” meals on airlines may not be totally halal

– Some Good Humor-Breyers products contain alcohol; list of alcohol-free products available

– Harvest Crunch Light and Crisp should be avoided

– Country Style donuts contain whey

– Rennet in Camembert Kiplait cheese not from animal source

– No alcohol in Ethyl Maltol

– Whey in No Name Vanilla Ice Milk Bars Halal

– Avoid Jalapeno White Cheddar Cheese dip at Pizza Pizza

– No more gelatin in Spring Valley yogurt

– Whey in Country Style donuts halal, no animal ingredients used

– Alcohol-based flavourings used in some items at Tim Hortons

– Alcohol used in Dairy Queen soft serve

– Yop doesn’t contain gelatin anymore

– Fries and chicken fried in same oil at Joey’s; seafood could be too

– Alcohol used in some Little Debbie products, investigation ongoing

– Some Nestlé chocolates may contain whey, not listed on label

– New information from Country Style

– Some vegetarian dishes not 100% ‘vegetarian’ at Mandarin

– Cheese in Christie Original Bits & Bites

No animal rennet currently being used in MK certified products

– Not all Starburst candies contain gelatin

– Avoid Our Compliments brand Macaroni and Cheese

– Donuts at Robin’s Donuts contain whey, gelatin in glazed ones

– Better to avoid all Taco Bell items except fries

– Not all Saputo cheeses free of animal ingredients

– Most Kellogg’s products free of animal ingredients; gelatin in some

– Most COR certified products free of animal rennet

– “Halal” signs and labels shouldn’t be taken for granted

– Cheese in “Truly” macaroni and cheese free of animal ingredients

2000 -President’s Choice pizza okay-No problem with Al Safa

-Some Hostess Frito-Lay chips haram

-Drink found to contain gelatin

-Yogurt also contains gelatin

-Harvey’s fries are okay

-Some Mikes, Pizza Hut pizzas okay

-Vanilla flavour should also be avoided

-Valley Farms frozen fries may contain Beef Tallow

-McCain Delite cake contains gelatin

-Some No Name cheese halal

-Ragu “The Original” pasta sauce may contain cheese

-Whey in Little Debbie cakes okay

-Natural vanilla extract in cookies

-Passion Flakes contain lard, beef tallow

-Betty bread contains enzymes, should be avoided for now

-Betty bread okay

-McCain hashbrowns contain beef fat

-Burger King products fried in same oil

-Yoplait Minigo yogurt contains rennet

-Watch out for haram Halloween candies

-Dough, sauce, cheese, okay at Pizza Pizza

-McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and Filet-o-Fish fried in same oil

-Yogurts contain gelatin, whey

1999-Smokey BBQ Doritos seem OK-Chocolate liquor contains no alcohol

-Toothpastes found to contain alcohol

-Some Metro cheeses now Halal

-Reminder about ingredients

-Chewing Gums are okay


-Mini-Wheats contain gelatin

-Agropur makes some rennet free cheese

1998 -Doritos Haram in Canada-Vitamin D3 in Milk is Permissible

-Vanilla is Extracted in Alcohol

-Chunks Ahoy! now contains lard

-Pizza Hut not ok in Canada

-Chewing Gum may not be permissable