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Updates – 2004

Muffin at McDonald’s may contain gelatin

(November 24, 2004) eat-halal.com has learned that Fat-Wise Cranberry-Orange muffins at McDonald’s Canada may contain gelatin. The gelatin may be present in the skim milk yogurt used as an ingredients in the muffins. Gelatin is an odorless, tasteless, protein substance like glue or jelly, obtained by boiling the bones, hoofs, and other waste parts of animals. (Web posted 11.24.04 @ 6.18 am EST)

>> McDonald’s Canada: (416) 443-1000  |  Web: mcdonalds.ca

Non-animal rennet in Super C cheeses

(November 10, 2004) Following concern regarding the source of rennet present in Super C cheddar cheese, eat-halal.com has found that it is from a non-animal source. A spokesperson for Metro Inc., the parent company of Super C, said that all rennet in Super C cheeses is from a vegetable source. (Web posted 11.11.04 @ 12.27 am EST)

>> Metro: 800 561-8429  |  Web: metro.ca

Canadian flu shots gelatin-free

(October 28, 2004) With flu vaccination season coming around, eat-halal.com was once again asked to find out if this year’s Canadian influenza (flu) vaccines contain any gelatin. Aventis-Pharma Canada and ID Biomedical have both confirmed that their vaccines, Vaxigrip and Fluviral respectively, are free of gelatin.  (Web posted 10.28.04 @ 11.16 pm EST)

>> Aventis-Pharma Canada: (888) 621-1146  |  Web: aventis-pharma.ca

>> ID Biomedical: (888) 382-2246  |  Web: idbiomedical.com

Info on Krinos feta cheese

(October 15, 2004) eat-halal.com has learned thatKrinos feta cheeses can contain animal as well as non-animal rennet. According to the company, the domestic (Canadian) feta cheese contains artificial rennet, while the imported feta cheese contains animal rennet. We advise that products containing animal rennet from non-Zabihah or Haram animals be avoided. (Web posted 10.15.04 @ 11.37 pm EST)

>> Krinos Canada: 905-669-4414   |   Web: krinos.ca

Claritin free of animal ingredients

(October 5, 2004) Following an inquiry regarding the allergy-relief medication Claritin, eat-halal.com contacted Schering Canada, the manufacturer of the product. According to a spokesperson, Claritin, in both tablet and syrup form, is free of all animal-derived ingredients in Canada. Claritin is an over-the-counter drug that offers relief from symptoms of seasonal allergies such as sneezing, runny noses, and itchy eyes. (Web posted 10.05.04 @ 11.37 pm EST)

>> Schering Canada: (800) 463-5442

No problem with Polar Capp; Tim Hortons bagel warning

(September 28, 2004) According to Nestle, the Polar Capp (iced cappuccino drink) at Country Style is free of animal derivatives as well as alcohol. Following tip-offs from concerned Muslims, eat-halal.com contacted Tim Hortons and the company confirmed that the same knives may be used to cut meat sandwiches and bagels, as well as the fact that the English Toffee flavoured cappuccino contains trace amounts of alcohol. The knives are supposed to be washed before each use, but there is a possibility that cross-contamination may occur. Muslim consumers are advised to request the knife be washed when placing their order. The issue of trace amounts of alcohol in foods is currently being studied by scholars.  (Web posted 09.28.04 @ 9.01 pm EST)

>> Country Style: (905) 764-7066  |   Web: countrystyle.ca

>> Tim Hortons: (888) 601-1616   |   Web: timhortons.com

Info on Pot of Gold, Bridge Mixture

(September 18, 2004) After investigating the ingredients of  Hershey Pot of Gold and Bridge Mixture chocolates, eat-halal.com has found that they are both free of animal-derived ingredients. Pot of Gold is a premium collection of chocolates while Bridge Mixture is an assortment of chocolate coated confectionery. (Web posted 09.18.04 @ 4.13 pm EST)

>> Hershey: (800) 468-1714  |   Web: hersheycanada.com

Info on cheese at Pizza Pizza

(September 7, 2004) Based on information given to eat-halal.com byPizza Pizza Ltd., the following cheeses used in items at Pizza Pizza are suitable for consumption by Muslims:

  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Goat Cheese
  • Feta Cheese

Items containing the following cheeses should be avoided, as they contain animal-derived ingredients:

  • Cheese blend (X-treme cheese topping)
  • Parmesan
  • Cheese used in sandwiches

Although we do not recommend eating Halal pizzas from outlets that serve Haram items due to the high risk of cross-contamination, we advise Muslim consumers to ask what type of cheese is used in the item before ordering at Pizza Pizza. (Web posted 09.08.04 @ 1.11 am EST)

>> Pizza Pizza: (416) 236-1894   |   Web: pizzapizza.ca

No problem with malt extract

(August 26, 2004) Following inquiries regarding the ingredient ‘malt extract’, eat-halal.com has learned that although malt extract sounds like an alcohol-related ingredient, it really isn’t. According to eat-halal.com’s technical contact, malt extract is “made from barley grain and [the] extracting material is water, so it is a Halal ingredient.” Therefore, there is no problem with consuming malt extract. (Web posted 08.26.04 @ 6.37 pm EST)

Info on Tim Hortons cake and donut icings, new items

(August 20, 2004) eat-halal.com has learned that the flavourings in Tim Hortons cake icings do not contain alcohol anymore. Some of the icings used to contain trace amounts of alcohol, but the large cakes on which the icings were used are now discontinued and are on their way out of stores. The icings used on the new small portion-size cakes are free of alcohol and the cakes don’t contain animal derivatives. The same goes for all Tim Hortons donuts as well. Also, none of the new Tim Hortons bakery items contain any animal derived ingredients. (Web posted 08.20.04 @ 11.03 pm EST)

>> Tim Hortons: (888) 601-1616   |   Web: timhortons.com

Pork, fish, chicken fried in same oil at BK

(August 8, 2004) Following a report by the MCG that the Pork Sausages, Fish Filets and Chicken Tenders are fried in the same fryers at Burger King restaurants in the US, eat-halal.com contacted Burger King Canada to inquire if the same held true in Canada. According to a BK Canada representative, the pork, fish, and chicken items are fried in the same oil here in Canada as well. Due to the cross-contamination resulting from this practice, all Muslims are advised to avoid Burger King fish in North America.  This, however, does not apply to the fries, as they are fried in separate oil.  (Web posted 08.08.04 @ 6.27 pm EST)

>> Burger King Canada: (877) 271-0493   |   Web: burgerking.com

Info on Macaroni & Cheese and Fettuccine Alfredo

(August 4, 2004) A concerned Muslim asked eat-halal.com to investigate Michelina’s Macaroni & Cheese and Fettuccine Alfredo due to concerns regarding the cheeses in the products. eat-halal.com has found that neither product contains any animal-derived ingredients, and according to the company, no animal rennet or pepsin is used in the cheeses found in the products. (Web posted 08.05.04 @ 1.29 am EST)

>> Michelina’s Canada: (877) 432-5849   |   Web: michelinas.ca

Not all Rice Krispies Squares contain gelatin

(July 25, 2004) Although Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Squares Bars have been known to contain gelatin, eat-halal.com has found that there now is one variety that is free of the ingredient. The Rice Krispies Squares Chocolatey Caramel Bar is currently the only variety of the product found not to contain gelatin in Canada. (Web posted 07.25.04 @ 5.58 pm EST)

>> Kellogg Canada: (888) 876-3750   |   Web: kelloggs.ca

Information on ice cream cakes

(July 19, 2004) Following inquiries regarding ice cream cakes at bothDairy Queen Canada and Baskin Robbins, eat-halal.com has learned that the ice cream cakes at Dairy Queen are free of animal-derived ingredients, though the ice creams used in the cakes may contain alcohol in their flavourings. Baskin Robbins ice cream cakes are free of animal ingredients as well, though the vanilla extract used in the cakes does contain some alcohol. The issue of small amounts of alcohol in foods is currently being reviewed by scholars. (Web posted 07.19.04 @ 10.06 pm EST)

>> Dairy Queen Canada: (905) 639-1492

>> Baskin Robbins: (800) 859-5339

No animal ingredients in new Wrigley flavours

(July 11, 2004) Following an inquiry regarding new flavours of gum launched by Wrigley Canada, eat-halal.com has learned that almost all Wrigley gums sold in Canada (including the new flavours) are still free of animal ingredients. Only Extra Polar Ice (not to be confused with Excel Polar Ice) contains gelatin and should be avoided, while all other Wrigley gums in Canada are free of animal ingredients. Wrigley Canada manufactures many brands of gum including Juicy Fruit, Big Red, and Freedent. (Web posted 07.11.04 @ 3:57 pm EST)

>> Wrigley Canada: (416) 449-8600

Revised list from Frito Lay Canada

(July 5, 2004) eat-halal.com has received a revised list of products that contain animal-related ingredients from Frito Lay Canada, dated June 15, 2004. The list includes the following products:

  • DORITOS® Cool RanchJalapeno & Cheddar CheeseSmokey Red BBQ, and Zesty Cheese Flavoured Tortilla Chips
  • BAKED RUFFLES® Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavoured Potato Chips
  • RUSTLERS™ Original Beef and Pepperoni Beef Sausage Sticks
  • MUNCHIES™ BBQ Flavoured Snack Mix

SUNCHIPS® French Onion Flavoured Multigrain Snacks

No other Ruffles, Doritos, or Sunchips products are listed as containing animal-derived ingredients. (Web posted 07.05.04 @ 11.53 pm EST)

>> Frito Lay: (888) 376-2257   |  Web: fritolay.ca

Rennet back in Kraft Singles Swiss cheese slices

(June 27, 2004) In early 2003, eat-halal.com reported that Kraft SinglesSwiss (regular) sliced cheese was free of animal-derived ingredients. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. eat-halal.com has discovered that rennet is once again back in the ingredients declaration, and as such, Muslim consumers are advised to avoid the product. (Web posted 06.27.04 @ 12.59 am EDT)

>> Kraft Canada: (800) 567-KRAFT  |  Web: kraftcanada.com

Frito Lay info may once again be outdated 

(June 23, 2004) eat-halal.com has learned that Frito Lay Canada has once again released an updated list of products that contain animal derivatives. eat-halal.com should have the list within the next 7-10 days. In the meantime, we suggest that all Frito Lay products that contain cheese or questionable ingredients be avoided until the newly released list is checked. Consequently, we request visitors to ignore all previously posted information on Frito Lay products that may be found on eat-halal.com.(Web posted 06.23.04 @ 5.48 pm EDT)

>> Frito Lay: (888) 376-2257   |  Web: fritolay.ca

Gelatin in some Yoplait yogurts

(June 17, 2004) eat-halal.com has found thatYoplait Source and Fruit & Cream varieties contain gelatin. According to a spokesperson for the manufacturer of Yoplait products in Canada, Ultima Foods, the gelatin is derived from a beef source. Muslim consumers are urged to carefully read the ingredients before buying yogurts, since many nowadays contain gelatin. Gelatin from Haram and non-Zabihah animals should be avoided by Muslims. (Web posted 06.17.04 @ 9.27 pm EDT)

>>_Aliments Ultima Foods:  (800) 363-9496

Country Style statement for eat-halal.com visitors

(June 14, 2004) Country Style Food Serviceshas issued a statement for eat-halal.com visitors regarding one of its outlets in Toronto.Click here to read the statement.

Alternatives to whey protein supplements

(June 9, 2004) While the search for Halal whey protein supplements continues, eat-halal.com contacted two Canadian suppliers of sports nutrition products. Both recommended vegetarian protein supplements that maintain similar nutritional value as whey supplements, even though they are free of animal ingredients. The two products can be purchased at Sport Nutrition Depot and Sport Nutrition Canada respectively. (Web posted 06.10.04 @ 12.48 am EDT)

>>_Sport Nutrition Depot:  (888) 507-0007   |  Web: sndcanada.com

>>_Sport Nutrition Canada:  sportnutritioncanada.ca

Halal-certified multivitamin now available

(May 31, 2004) SIA Pharma LLC of Virginia has launched North America’s first Halal-certified multivitamin. According to the company, the “HalViT™ Adult Multivitamin is the first complete (from Vitamin A to Zinc) multivitamin multimineral brand with lutein & lycopene in the retail market”. The product is said to offer “comparable nutritional value to any leading multivitamin brand”. HalViT™ is free of gelatin and other animal ingredients, and is certified Halal by IFANCA. While HalViT™ is not yet available in Canada, Canadian consumers can purchase the product online. (Web posted 05.31.04 @ 11.49 pm EDT)

>>_SIA Pharma:  (866)  4-HALVIT   |  Web: halvit.com

_Audio: SIA Pharma’s founder discusses his company and product with eat-halal.com (Runs 8:59)

No animal ingredients in Coca-Cola

(May 22, 2004) A concerned Muslim recently contacted eat-halal.com after visiting a web site containing information which seems to prove that Coca-Cola Classic contains animal ingredients. Thesite displays a copy of the Burger King nutritional pamphlet which states that the natural flavours in Coca-Cola Classic are from “animal and plant sources”. eat-halal.com contacted Coca-Cola Ltd., and in an e-mailed statement, the company’s Director of Corporate Communications & Consumer Relations stated, “Coca-Cola Classic does not contain any ingredient derived from animals,” and that the statement in the Burger King brochure was a “printing error”. (Web posted 05.22.04 @ 10.09 am EDT)

>>_Coca-Cola Ltd.:  (800) 438-2653  |  Web: cocacola.com

No problem with Starbucks Frappuccino®

(May 13, 2004) Following an inquiry regardingStarbucks Frappuccino® drinks, eat-halal.com has learned that the drinks do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. According to a Starbucks representative, their supplier has informed them that the flavourings used in Frappuccino® drinks do not contain any alcohol either. (Web posted 05.14.04 @ 12.13 am EDT)

>>_Starbucks:  (206) 447-1575  |  Web: starbucks.com

Info on cheeses by Parmalat

(May 5, 2004) After receiving a question regarding Black Diamond cheeses, eat-halal.com has found the following regarding Schneider’sLactantia andBlack Diamond cheeses, manufactured byParmalat Canada:

  • Old Cheddar, Extra Old Cheddar and any Processed Cheese (i.e.: cheese slices and cheeses spreads) are the only ones that contain animal rennet.
  • Some cheeses contain pepsin (from pigs), which is listed on the ingredients declaration.
  • All other cheeses use microbial rennet.

Parmalat is a multi-national company and has been in Canada since 1998. The company also manufactures other brands of products such as Astro, Colonial, and Sargento.

(Web posted 05.05.04 @ 10.56 am EDT)

>>_Parmalat Canada:  (800) 563-1515  |  Web: parmalat.ca

Information on Taco Bell, KFC fries

(April 26, 2004) eat-halal has learned that while the fries at Taco Bell and KFC (in Canada) do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, they are fried in oil and fryers that are also used for frying other products. The oil at Taco Bell is used to fry the apple empanada pie, which contains lard. (The pie will be replaced with a new version in July or August, and the new version does not contain any animal ingredients). The oil at KFC is used to fry items such as popcorn chicken, chicken strips and chicken sandwiches. Items fried in the same oil and/or fryer as other Haram and non-Zabihah items should be avoided. (Web posted 04.26.04 @ 9.19 am EDT)

>>_KFC Taco Bell Canada:  (800) 363-1601 

Avoid GNC Whey Protein

(April 17, 2004) After receiving a growing number of inquiries regarding whey protein supplements, eat-halal has learned that animal rennet is used in the production of GNC‘s Whey Protein supplements, which are used by athletes for body building, exercise, etc. For this reason, the GNC whey supplements should be avoided by Muslims. eat-halal.com is trying to find a Halal alternative that can be used by Muslims. (Web posted 04.17.04 @ 8.13 pm EDT)

>>_GNC:  (888) 462-2548   |  Web: gnc.com

Details on Pizza Hut dough; Panago Pizza

(April 9, 2004) Pizza Hut Canada’s Product Excellence Co-ordinator has informed eat-halal.com that almost all of the company’s dough blends are Halal certified by IFANCA, with the exception of one, which is certified Kosher. None of the doughs contain any animal-derivatives. Also, information supplied by Panago Pizza indicates that their handtossed dough, pizza sauce, and mozzarella and cheddar cheeses are all free of animal-derivatives. The ingredients of the fromaggio mix and the feta cheese are currently under investigation. (Web posted 04.09.04 @ 1.58 am EDT)

>>_Pizza Hut Canada:  (800) 363-1601   |  Web: pizzahut.ca

>>_Panago Pizza:  (604) 859-6621  |  Web: panago.com

Information on Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate

(March 31, 2004) eat-halal.com has learned that almost all varieties of Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate are free of ADIs (animal-derived ingredients). Only Carnation Hot Chocolate – Marshmallow contains gelatin, which is derived from animals. All other varieties, including “Milk Chocolate”, “After Eight”, and “Light” are free of animal derivatives.

(Web posted 04.01.04 @ 1.28 am EST)

>>_Nestle Canada:  (800) 387-4636  |  Web: nestle.ca

Not all Kellogg’s Pop Tarts contain gelatin 

(March 24, 2004) eat-halal.com has found that not all Kellogg’s Pop Tarts contain gelatin. Most varieties of the product contain gelatin, but a few have been found to be free of gelatin and other Haram ingredients. While the varieties that contain gelatin have it listed as an ingredient in the ingredients declaration, we advise Muslim shoppers to be vigilant when purchasing Kellogg’s Pop Tarts.  (Web posted 03.24.04 @ 11.49 pm EST)

>>_Kellogg’s Canada:  (888) 876-3750  |  Web: kelloggs.ca

No problem with donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts 

(March 17, 2004) An recent inquiry led eat-halal.com to investigate donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts. The investigation has found that all donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts are free of animal-derived ingredients, and are free of alcohol as well. This information is valid for Dunkin’ Donuts locations in Canada and in the United States.  (Web posted 03.18.04 @ 1.09 am EST)

>>_Dunkin’ Donuts:  (781) 961-4020  |  Web: dunkindonuts.com

Information on Pizza Hut cheese, dough

(March 5, 2004) A concerned Muslim wrote to eat-halal.com after he was told by an employee at a Pizza Hut outlet that the cheese used in the pizzas contained animal ingredients.

The Product Excellence Co-ordinator at Pizza Hut’s parent company, Yum! Restaurants International (Canada), has told eat-halal.com that the cheese used in their pizzas does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Most of the doughs are also free of animal derivatives, however, the ingredients of some of the Classic doughs are currently under investigation, as are the ingredients of the cheese in the stuffed crust.

eat-halal.com would like to remind Muslims that since restaurants that serve both Halal and Haram foods cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination, it is best to avoid such establishments altogether. (Web posted 03.06.04 @ 1.00 am EST)

>>_Pizza Hut cheese and dough ingredients list (PDF format)

>>_Pizza Hut Canada:  (800) 363-1601   |  Web: pizzahut.ca

Pork in new Slim·Fast Instant Soups 

(February 25, 2004) Following last week’s update regarding Slim·Fast powders and drinks, eat-halal.com has found that the new Slim·Fast Instant Soups contain pork fat. While pork fat is listed in the ingredients declaration, it can be easily overlooked. Also, Unilever Canada has informed eat-halal.com that the yogurt in Slim·Fast Meal On-The-Go Bars does not contain any gelatin. (Web posted 02.26.04 @ 12.39 am EST)

>>_Unilever Canada:  (800) 565-7273   |  Web: slimfast.ca

Information on Slim·Fast 

(February 19, 2004) eat-halal.com has found that Slim·FastPowdered Shakes and Ready to Drink Shakes are free of animal derivatives. Slim·Fast Meal On-The-Go Bars contain yogurt, and the ingredients of the yogurt are currently under investigation, since many yogurts contain gelatin. According to the company, Slim·Fast meal replacement products are formulated to provide balanced nutrition. They are available in most supermarkets. (Web posted 02.19.04 @ 3.58 pm EST)

>>_Unilever Canada:  (800) 565-7273   |  Web: slimfast.ca

No ADIs or alcohol in Buckley’s caplets

(February 11, 2004) eat-halal.com has learned thatBuckley’s cough, cold, and flu relief caplets are free of ADIs (animal-derived ingredients) and alcohol. Buckley’s liquid cough and cold medications are also free of alcohol, however, they may contain ingredients derived from animals. (Web posted 02.11.04 @ 11.57 pm EST)

>>_Buckley’s:  (800) 434-1034   |  Web: buckleys.com

Whey in Tootsie Roll questionable

(February 4, 2004) After numerous inquiries regarding Tootsie Roll candies, eat-halal.com has found that the status of they whey in the candies is questionable. According to a Tootsie Roll representative, the whey in the candies may be made using either animal or non-animal derived ingredients. For this reason, we suggest that Tootsie Roll candies be avoided by Muslims. (Web posted 02.05.04 @ 12.58 am EST)

>>_Tootsie Roll Industries:  (733) 838-3400   |  Web: tootsie.com

oetker Ristorante frozen pizzas contain ADIs

(January 29, 2004) eat-halal.com was asked to investigate oetker‘s Ristorante frozen pizzas. According to the company’s Canadian office, all oetker Ristorante pizzas contain ADIs (animal-derived ingredients), even thought their toppings are vegetarian. No details were given except that the “information is based on current formulations and is subject to change”. (Web posted 01.30.04 @ 12.19 am EST)

>>_oetker ltd: (800) 387-6939   |  Web: oetker.ca

Information on macaroni and cheese dinners

(January 21, 2004) Following a recent inquiry regarding macaroni and cheese dinners, eat-halal.com has found that the following dinners contain cheeses that are free of animal-derived ingredients:

  • Kraft Deluxe White Cheddar on Rotini (bar code: 6810005764)
  • Truly (Zellers) Original Macaroni and Cheese Dinner (bar code: 0012295382)
  • Truly (Zellers) Deluxe White Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese Dinner (bar code: 0012295721)
  • President’s Choice Deluxe Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese Dinner (NOT Deluxe White Cheddar, bar code: 6038364774)

Most other macaroni and cheese dinners contain doubtful and/or Haram ingredients, and as such, Muslim shoppers are urged to exercise caution when shopping for such products. (Web posted 01.22.04 @ 1.52 am EST)

>>_Kraft Canada: (800) 567-5723   |  Web: kraftfoods.ca

>>_Hudson’s Bay Company: (866) 746-7422   |  Web: hbc.com

>> President’s Choice: (888) 495-5111 

Clarification on DQ soft serve

(January 14, 2004) eat-halal.com would like to clarify that alcohol is not added as an ingredient inDairy Queen soft serve. The soft serve contain vanilla essence, which usually contains alcohol, and thus, there may be traces of alcohol in the finished product. Dairy Queen soft serve is used in almost all of their ‘Cool Treats’, including the following:

  • Peanut Buster® Parfait
  • Pecan Mudslide™
  • Brownie Earthquake™
  • The Original! Blizzard® Flavor Treats

Banana Split

eat-halal.com volunteered to post this clarification after it was learned that some eat-halal.com visitors have been calling Dairy Queen Canada with the impression that the alcohol is actually added to the soft serve as an ingredient, which is not the case. (Web posted 01.14.04 @ 1.44 am EST)

>>_Dairy Queen Canada: (905) 639-1492   |  Web: dq.ca
Chicken base in some non-meat dishes at Manchu WOK

(January 9, 2004) A concerned Muslim has tipped off eat-halal.com about the fact that some non-meat items at Manchu WOK that seem to be “vegetarian” actually contain a chicken soup base. According to information provided by the chain’s Marketing Coordinator, the following items are prepared using a chicken soup base:

  • Chow Mein
  • Mixed Vegetables Dish
  • Egg Drop Soup
  • Spring Roll

Since the soup base is from chickens that aren’t slaughtered according to Islamic law, the above-mentioned products should be avoided. Manchu WOK operates close to 200 locations across North America. (Web posted 01.09.04 @ 1.44 am EST)

>>_Manchu WOK: (905) 946-7200   |  Web: manchuwok.com