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Updates – 2003

L-cysteine in Domino’s pizza; source unknown

(December 31, 2003) eat-halal.com was asked to look into Domino’s Pizza. According to a Domino’s representative, the cheese does not contain any animal rennet or enzymes. However, the dough does contain L-cysteine and its source is not known. L-cysteine is an ingredient which is used in bakery products as a dough conditioner. It can come from human hair, chicken/duck feathers or synthetic materials. L-cysteine from human hair is Haram and must always be avoided. Since the source of the L-cysteine in the pizza dough is not known, we recommend that Domino’s Pizza be avoided by Muslims.(Web posted 01.01.04 @ 12.29 am EST)

>>Domino’s: (800) DOMINOS   |  Web: dominos.com

Most new Vachon Christmas cakes Haram

(December 25, 2003) eat-halal.com would like to warn Muslim consumers about the fact that most new Vachon Christmas cakes contain lard and beef tallow. The cakes are made specially for the Christmas season and are currently available in stores. Muslims are urged to exercise caution before buying and consuming such products. (Web posted 12.26.03 @ 6.59 pm EST)

>>Vachon: (888) 529-2836   |  Web: vachon.com

New information on Frito Lay snacks

(December 17, 2003) eat-halal.com has just received an updated list of “products that contain animal-related ingredients” from Frito Lay Canada. The following products are listed:

  • DORITOS® Cool RanchJalapeno & Cheddar CheeseSmokey Red BBQ, and Zesty Cheese Flavoured Tortilla Chips
  • BAKED RUFFLES® Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavoured Potato Chips
  • RUSTLERS™ Original Beef and Pepperoni Beef Sausage Sticks
  • MUNCHIES™ BBQ Flavoured Snack Mix
  • SUNCHIPS® French Onion Flavoured Multigrain Snacks

The above-mentioned products contain animal-derived ingredients and should be avoided by Muslims. (Web posted 12.17.03 @ 6.59 pm EST)

>> Frito Lay: (888) 376-2257   |  Web: fritolay.ca

Frito Lay info may be outdated

(December 10, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned that Frito Lay Canadahas recently released an updated list of products that contain animal derivatives. eat-halal.com should have the list within the next week or so. In the meantime, we suggest that all Frito Lay products that contain cheese or questionable ingredients be avoided until the newly released list is checked. Consequently, we request visitors to ignore all previously posted information on Frito Lay products that may be found on eat-halal.com.  (Web posted 12.10.03 @ 6.59 pm EST)

>> Frito Lay: (888) 376-2257   |  Web: fritolay.ca

Ah Caramel! Triple Choco Haram

(December 1, 2003) eat-halal.com has discovered thatAh Caramel! Triple Choco cakes contain beef tallow and lard and are therefore Haram. The regular Ah Caramel! cakes do not contain these ingredients. Muslim shoppers in Canada are advised to exercise caution when purchasing Ah Caramel! cakes, since the two varieties can be easily mistook for the other.  (Web posted 12.01.03 @ 11.49 pm EST)

>> Vachon: (888) 529-2836   |  Web: vachon.com

No gelatin in flu shots this year

(November 17, 2003) A concerned  visitor asked eat-halal.com to look into whether or not influenza (flu) vaccines in Canada contain gelatin or not this year, as this was the case for some brands of the vaccine in previous years. Manufacturers of the two brands of influenza vaccines licensed in Canada this year, Aventis-Pharma Canada and Shire BioChem, have confirmed that neither of the vaccines contains gelatin.  (Web posted 11.17.03 @ 11.13 am EST)

>> Aventis-Pharma Canada: (888) 621-1146  |  Web: aventis-pharma.ca

>> Shire BioChem: (888) 382-2246  |  Web: shire.com

Nestle Follow-Up Formula Halal

(November 5, 2003) Following the recent updateregarding trypsin in Nestle Good Start infant formula, eat-halal.com was asked to look intoNestle Follow-Up Transition infant formula. According to a Nestle representative, the product is free of animal-derived ingredients. No Haram ingredients are listed on the ingredients declaration either. Therefore, the product is Halal.  (Web posted 11.06.03 @ 12.44 am EST)

>> Nestle: (800) 387-4636   |  Web: nestle.ca

Vanilla extract in Pepsi Vanilla; not listed in Canada

(October 28, 2003) Following the Sep. 20 update regardingvanilla extract in Pepsi Vanilla, eat-halal.com has found that vanilla extract is not listed as an ingredient on Pepsi Vanilla bottles in Canada, yet it is listed as an ingredient on the Pepsi Vanilla web site as well as on bottles in the US. After investigating, Pepsi Canada has confirmed that vanilla extract is present in the product, but maintains that whatever is required by law to be listed in the ingredients declaration is currently listed. The Pepsi Canada spokesperson was unable to provide information on alcohol content in the product. eat-halal.com is now looking into why vanilla extract is not listed as an ingredient on the Canadian bottles. (Web posted 10.28.03 @ 1.16 am EST)

>> Pepsi: (800) 433-2652  |   Web: pepsi.com

McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish warning

(October 18, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned that the oil used to fry the fish at McDonald’s Canada may be shared with other meat items, and other common utensils and tools  may be used in the preparation of the fish. A McDonald’s Canada spokesperson said that the company cannot guarantee that the Filet-o-Fish will not come into contact with items used for the preparation of other meat items or that it will not be cooked in oil that has been used to cook other meat items. For this reason, we do not recommend that McDonald’s Canada’s Filet-o-Fish be consumed by Muslims. (Web posted 10.05.03 @ 11.26 pm EDT)

>> McDonald’s Canada: (416) 446-3932   |  Web: mcdonalds.ca

Trypsin in Nestle Good Start infant formula

(October 18, 2003) An inquiry by an eat-halal.com visitor prompted eat-halal.com to investigate Nestle Good Start infant formula. The investigation has found that the product contains pork trypsin, and is therefore Haram. Trypsin is a an enzyme in pancreatic juice that acts as a catalyst for breaking proteins down into peptides. (Web posted 10.18.03 @ 11.26 pm EDT)

>> Nestle: (800) 387-4636   |  Web: nestle.ca

Chicken fat in KFC poutine

(October 5, 2003) eat-halal.com was recently asked about the status ofKFC‘s poutine. According to a member of the company’s Customer Action Team, the gravy used in the poutine contains chicken fat. Since the fat is from chickens that aren’t slaughtered according to Islamic Law, the poutine should be avoided.  (Web posted 10.05.03 @ 1.26 pm EDT)

>> KFC: (800) 363-1601   |  Web: kfc.com

Alcohol-free mouthwashes available

(September 28, 2003) While it is a known fact that most mouthwashes contain alcohol, eat-halal.com has found that alcohol-free mouthwashes are now increasingly becoming available for customers with restrictions on alcohol. For instance, Oral-B alcohol-free mouthwashes are available at most pharmacies. Mouthwashes containing alcohol should be avoided by Muslims. (Web posted 09.28.03 @ 1.59 pm EDT)

>> Oral-B: (800) 566-7252   |  Web: oralb.com

Pepsi Vanilla not Halal: MCG

(September 20, 2003) The Chicago-based Muslim Consumer Group has issued an alert to Muslim consumers regardingPepsi Vanilla. According to a statement on the Group’s web site, Pepsi Vanilla and Diet Pepsi Vanilla are “made with vanilla extract which contains 35% ethyl alcohol.” eat-halal.com has contacted Pepsi for official confirmation, and a reply is expected soon.(Web posted 09.20.03 @ 10.15 pm EDT)

>> Pepsi: (800) 433-2652  |   Web: pepsi.com

Some Equality cheeses free of animal rennet, enzymes

(September 11, 2003) eat-halal.com has found that not all Equality brand cheeses contain animal rennet and other animal-derived enzymes. While Equality process cheese slices contain animal-derived ingredients, some Equality block cheeses have been found to contain microbial enzymes instead of animal rennet and enzymes. Equality products are available at stores such as Food Basics, Dominion, and A&P. (Web posted 09.12.03 @ 8.59 pm EDT)

>> Equality Customer Service: (866) 922-7427

Limited information on Cinnabon 

(September 4, 2003) After numerous inquiries regarding Cinnabon, eat-halal.com attempted to obtain information on the bakery chain’s items. A Cinnabon representative said that according to the company’s Director of Quality Assurance, there are some animal products in the rolls and stix. Pork by-products are in the lemon flavoring. Whey solids are in the margarine. Eggs are in the base mix. The representative also said that the rolls and stix are Kosher certified. No other information is available on Cinnabon’s items. (Web posted 09.04.03 @ 11.57 pm EDT)

>> Cinnabon (888) 288-ROLL  |  Web: cinnabon.com

Madina’s frozen chicken products arrive in stores

(August 28, 2003) With 20 years in the business as Canada’s leading distributor of hand-slaughtered Halal chicken, Madina Wholesale Poultry has now launched Madina Fine Foods. According to Yusuf Memon, the general manager of the family-run business, Madina Fine Foods’ chicken burgers, nuggets, and strips are available at Halal stores in Ottawa and Windsor, and points in between such as Toronto and Hamilton. Madina is also the exclusive distributor of all Popeyes locations in the Toronto area. (Web posted 08.27.03 @ 5.47 pm EDT)

>> Madina Wholesale Poultry: (416) 615-0416

>> Web:madinafinefoods.com

Rennet in Nacho Cheese Bugles

(August 20, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned thatrennet is one of the ingredients present in Nacho Cheese flavoured Bugles. According to a representative at General Mills Canada (the manufacturer of the product), the rennet may be from an animal or non-animal source, depending on availability. For this reason, it is suggested that the product be avoided by Muslims.  (Web posted 08.20.03 @ 9.25 pm EDT)

>> General Mills Canada: (800) 767-5350 

No ADIs in Storck Candies

(August 12, 2003) An inquiry by a concerned Muslim led eat-halal.com to investigate Campino candies and other Storck candies. According to a Storck representative, all Storck candies are free of ADIs (animal-derived ingredients) and alcohol, except products containing chocolate liqueur, which contains alcohol. (Web posted 08.12.03 @ 5.47 pm EDT)

>> Storck Canada: (905) 272-4480   |   Web: storck.com

Two Astro product lines contain gelatin

(August 6, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned that two Astroproduct lines contain gelatin, and the rest are gelatin-free and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. The two product lines that contain gelatin are Astro 2% Smooth and Fruity and Astro Fat Free Stirred. Astro Yogourt is manufactured by Parmalat and is sold by most major grocery retailers across Canada. (Web posted 08.06.03 @ 6.57 am EDT)

>> Parmalat Canada: (800) 263-2858   |   Web: astro.ca

No ADIs in new Doritos flavours: Frito Lay rep

(August 1, 2003) The recent appearance of two new Doritos   flavours in stores prompted eat-halal.com to look into the products. A Frito Lay representative said that the two new flavours, Extreme Kickin’ Chili andExtreme Tangy Salsa, do not contain any ADIs (animal-derived ingredients). (Web posted 08.01.03 @ 6.15 am EDT)

>> Frito Lay Canada: (888) 376-2257   |   Web: fritolay.ca

“Halal” cola in Montreal

(July 23, 2003) Claiming to be the “first and the only cola certified Halal in North America”, Aryana’s Halal Cola has begun showing up in Montreal stores. According to information on the product’s web site, the cola is available at over 15 retail locations in Montreal. The product carries a “CH” marking that states, “Halal certified by I.C.Q.”. I.C.Q. is an acronym for the Islamic Centre of Quebec.  (Web posted 07.23.03 @ 10.30 pm EDT)

>> Aryana’s Halal Cola: (450) 975-2652   |   Web: halalcola.com

Information on breads

(July 16, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned that most breads manufactured by Canada Bread do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. The only exception is the garlic bread, which contains animal rennet. Canada Bread manufactures many brands of breads, including Dempster’s. Breads manufactured by Canada Bread are easily identifiable, since they contain the Canada Bread logo on the packaging. (Web posted 07.16.03 @ 10.14 pm EDT)

>> Canada Bread: (800) 465-5515

No ADIs in Laura Secord ice creams; most free of alcohol

(July 7, 2003) eat-halal.com was recently asked to look into Laura Secord ice creams once again. The investigation has found that Laura Secord ice creams do not contain any ADIs (animal-derived ingredients), and almost all flavours are free of alcohol. The only one flavour that contains alcohol is Rum and Raisin. Laura Secord has over 100 locations across Canada.(Web posted 07.08.03 @ 6.14 am EDT)

>> Laura Secord: (800) 268-6353

ADIs in Humpty Dumpty cheese corn snacks

(July 2, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned that Humpty Dumpty‘s cheese flavoured corn snacks may contain ADIs (animal-derived ingredients). This was not the case previously, but the company has now started using animal rennet and enzymes in its cheese flavoured snacks. For this reason, we advise Canadian Muslim consumers to avoid all Humpty Dumpty cheese flavoured corn snacks such as cheese puffs and sticks. Please note that this does not apply to Humpty Dumpty’s potato chips that contain cheese. (Web posted 07.02.03 @ 3.51 pm EDT)

>> Humpty Dumpty: (800) 387-2273

No alcohol in most Baskin Robbins ice creams

(June 24, 2003) In May 2001, eat-halal.com reported that most ice creams at Baskin Robbins contained alcohol. A recent review has found that the flavourings in almost all Baskin Robbins ice creams are now free of alcohol. Only the vanilla flavour still contains alcohol. Baskin Robbins ice creams reportedly do not contain any animal-derived ingredients either. This information is valid for all Baskin Robbins locations across North America. (Web posted 06.24.03 @ 6.29 am EDT)

>> Baskin Robbins: (800) 859-5339

Papain a Halal ingredient

(June 17, 2003) An eat-halal.com visitor recently inquired about the ingredient “papain”, which is found in Ritz crackers. According to eat-halal.com’s technical contact, papain is an enzyme that is obtained from papayas, and is Halal. (Web posted 06.18.03 @ 5.29 am EDT)

“Suitable for Vegetarians” not necessarily Halal

(June 10, 2003) eat-halal.com was asked to look into whether or not there was a possibility of animal-derived ingredients being present in President’s Choice products carrying the “Suitable for Vegetarians” logo. According to a PC Customer Service representative, the “Suitable for Vegetarians” logo is meant to denote President’s Choice products that are free of meat, and does not necessarily mean that the product is free of animal-derived ingredients. (Web posted 06.10.03 @ 5.29 am EDT)

>> PC Customer Service: (888) 495-5111 

Most Nestle ice creams contain alcohol in flavourings

(June 1, 2003) A concerned Muslim has tipped off eat-halal.com about the fact that the flavourings in the majority of Nestle ice creams in Canada contain alcohol. Nestle has confirmed that all their ice creams in Canada (including Häagen-Dazs) have alcohol present in their flavourings, except for Nestle Parlour “Chocolate”. While eat-halal.com is planning to review with scholars the issue of alcohol in flavourings in the near future, it is still suggested that products containing even small amounts of alcohol be avoided by Muslims.  (Web posted 06.04.03 @ 12.15 am EDT)

>> Nestle Canada: (800) 387-4636 

Not all Wendy’s fries fried in shared oil

(May 25, 2003) In June 2001, eat-halal.com reportedthat Wendy’s fries should be avoided because they may be cooked in the same oil as chicken nuggets. eat-halal.com has now learned that this may not necessarily be the case at all Canadian Wendy’s locations. A Wendy’s spokesperson has said that the practice of sharing oil between fries and chicken nuggets may vary from location to location. Before ordering fries, customers can ask whether or not the fries have been fried in the same oil as other meat products. The fries are fried in non-animal shortening and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Products fried in the same oil in which meat from non-Zabihah animals is fried should be avoided by Muslims.   (Web posted 05.25.03 @ 12.23 pm EDT)

>> Wendy’s Canada: (905) 849-7685 

No problem with Weston breads

(May 20, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned that breads made by Weston Bakeriesin Canada do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. This includes brands such as Wonder, D’Italiano, Country Harvest, and Weston. These brands of bread are available at most supermarkets across Canada. Please note that this applies only to Weston breads, and may not necessarily apply to other Weston products. For instance, Wonder brand english muffins contain L-cysteine and the source of the ingredient is currently being investigated. (Web posted 05.21.03 @ 11.19 pm EDT)

>> Weston Foods: (800) 590-6861  |  Web: weston.ca

Still no wine in Canadian BK Veggie Burger

(May 14, 2003) Back in June 2002, eat-halal.comreported that the wine-free Canadian Burger KingVeggie Burger was to be replaced with the wine-containing US Burger King Veggie Burger. According to a BK Canada representative, the switch did not take place. Apparently, the Canadian BK Veggie Burger will be left alone and won’t be replaced with its wine-containing US counterpart.  (Web posted 05.14.03 @ 11.19 pm EDT)

>> Burger King Canada: (877) 271-0493 

Beware of lard in pies, pastries

(May 4, 2003) Although many bakeries have stopped using lard, some still continue to use lard in their pies and pastries. Lard is the fat of pigs or hogs, melted down and made clear and is made especially of the internal fat of the abdomen. Lard and products containing lard must always be avoided by Muslims. Be on the lookout for lard and other Haram ingredients when buying pies and pastries.  (Web posted 05.04.03 @ 4.57 pm EDT)

Avoid most Schneiders Lunchmates

(April 29, 2003) A check on Schneiders Lunchmates in Canada has found that most varieties of the product should be avoided by Muslims. Almost all varieties of Lunchmates contain Haram items and/or animal-derived ingredients. Apparently, only Lunchmates “Pizza” is the only variety that does not contain any Haram items or animal-derived ingredients. (Web posted 04.30.03 @ 11.01 pm EDT)

>> Schneider Foods: (800) 567-1890   |   Web: schneiders.ca

Pre-gelatinized wheat starch Halal

(April 22, 2003) It may sound like pre-gelatinized wheat starch has something to do with gelatin, but in fact, it doesn’t. Pre-gelatinized wheat starch is cooked in water then dried, to permit it to swell in cold water, because natural starch doesn’t swell in cold water. The ingredient is Halal.(Web posted 04.22.03 @ 11.55 pm EDT)

No ADIs in latest Doritos flavour

(April 15, 2003) The presence of a new flavour of Doritos tortilla chips in Canada prompted eat-halal.com to launch an investigation into the product. The investigation has found that Doritos Ketchup does not contain any animal-derived ingredients (ADI). Doritos Ketchup is one of the few Doritos flavours that do not contain any cheese. A list of Frito Lay Canada products that contain animal-derived ingredients is available athttp://www.eat-halal.com/updates/2002.shtml #fritolay. (Web posted 04.15.03 @ 11.59 pm EDT)

>> Frito Lay Canada: (888) 376-2257   |   Web: fritolay.ca

Avoid PC Vegetable Lasagna

(April 6, 2003) An eat-halal.com investigation into President’s Choice Vegetable Lasagna has found that the cheeses used in the lasagna are not Halal. A PC Customer Service spokesperson has said that the cheeses used in the lasagna contain pepsin and animal rennet. For this reason, we advise Canadian Muslim consumers to avoid the product. The product carries UPC code 60383 11220. (Web posted 04.06.03 @ 5.23 pm EDT)

>> President’s Choice Customer Service: (888) 495-5111

Alcohol in soy sauce

(April 2, 2003) eat-halal.com would like to inform Muslim consumers about the fact that Kikkoman Soy Sauce (naturally brewed) contains alcohol. A Kikkoman spokesperson has said that the product contains up to 2% of alcohol content. Apparently, all naturally brewed soy sauces contain alcohol and should therefore be avoided by Muslims. (Web posted 04.02.03 @ 1.03 am)

>> Kikkoman: (415) 956-7750

Information on whip creams

(March 23, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned that Cool WhipNutriWhip,No Name Whip Cream, and Beatrice Whip Cream are all free of animal-derived ingredients. Cool whip is manufactured by Kraft, while NutriWhip is manufactured by Maple Leaf Foods. All of these products can be found in the refrigerated section of most supermarkets, except for Cool Whip, which is usually in the freezer section.  (Web posted 03.23.03 @ 4.51 pm)

>> Kraft Canada: (800) 567-5723

>> Maple Leaf Foods: (800) 268-3708

>> Beatrice: (800) 526-7873

>> No Name: (888) 495-5111

Gelatin in most Danone yogurts

(March 16, 2003) A routine check of select products at supermarkets has found that most Danone yogurts in Canada contain gelatin. Gelatin is an odorless and tasteless protein substance like glue or jelly, and is obtained by boiling the bones, hoofs, and other waste parts of animals. It dissolves easily in hot water and is used in making foods such as jellied salads and desserts. Products containing gelatin from Haram and non-Zabihahanimals should be avoided by Muslims. (Web posted 03.16.03 @ 1.49 am)

>> Danone: danonegroup.com

Cheese Found in Pasta Sauce

(March 11, 2003) eat-halal.com has discovered that RaguDiced Tomatoes, Garlic & Herbs pasta sauce contains “dehydrated romano cheese”. A call to the manufacturer, Unilever Canada, has found that the cheese does contain animal-derived ingredients. For this reason, the above-mentioned product should be avoided by Muslims in Canada.(Web posted 03.12.03 @ 1.27 am)

>> Unilever Canada: (416) 964-1857

Information on PC Cheesecake, Parmesan Cheese

(March 4, 2003) Research into President’s Choice New York Style Cheesecake (with UPC code 6038303179) has found that the rennet in the product is from a non-animal source. Also, the lipase in President’s Choice Light Parmesan Cheese is from a non-animal source, and the product does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.  (Web posted 03.04.03 @ 1.27 am)

>> President’s Choice Customer Service: (888) 495-5111 

L-Cysteine in Flour from Synthetic Source

(February 22, 2003) A concerned Muslim recently asked eat-halal.com to look into the source of the L-cysteine present in Robin Hood Best for Bread Flour. The investigation has found that the L-cysteine in the flour is from a synthetic source, and is therefore Halal. L-cysteine can also be derived from human hair and chicken/duck feathers. L-cysteine from human hair is Haram.  (Web posted 02.22.03 @ 5.34 pm)

>> Robin Hood: (800) 268-3232   |   Web: robinhood.ca

Information on BK Onion Rings, Harvey’s Fries

(February 18, 2003) Burger King Canada has told eat-halal.com that although their onion rings do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, the oil they are fried in is shared with other meat items. Based on this information, Muslim consumers are advised to avoid the item. On a similar note, eat-halal.com has been told by Harvey’s that their fries are also free of animal-derived ingredients and are fried in 100% canola oil. The oil is not shared with other items, but the representative pointed out that, “in case of overflow, fries may be cooked in the chicken and fish fryer.” For this reason, eat-halal.com does not recommend that Harvey’s fries be consumed by Muslims.  (Web posted 02.19.03 @ 12.33 am)

>> Burger King Canada: (877) 271-0493 

>> Harvey’s: (800) 860-4082  |  Web: harveys.ca 

Information on Margarines

(February 11, 2003) eat-halal.com has learned that the whey in Imperial Margarine products that carry kosher signs does not have any animal rennet used in its production. Our Compliments margarines with UPC codes 055742 30700 and 055742 30846 also do not have any animal rennet used in the whey that is present in the products. Some margarines have been found to contain gelatin, so Muslim consumers are urged to carefully read the ingredients declaration before purchasing any margarine product.  (Web posted 02.11.03 @ 2.36 pm)

>> Imperial Margarine: (800) 896-9068 

>> Our Compliments: (888) 821-5557 

Wine in PC Dijon Mustard

(February 2, 2003) eat-halal.com has discovered thatNo Name brand Dijon Mustard contains wine. Wine is the alcohol made from grapes and must always be avoided by Muslims. For this reason, Muslims should not consume this product. No Name regular mustard does not contain any wine. (Web posted 02.02.03 @ 1.04 am)

>> No Name Customer Service: (888) 495-5111 

Information on Enfalac Infant Vitamins

(January 25, 2003) eat-halal.com was recently asked to look into Enfalac brand D-Vi-Sol, Tri-Vi-Sol, and Poly-Vi-Sol infant vitamins. The manufacturer has said that the vitamins are free of all animal-derived ingredients, except for lanolin, which is derived from sheep’s wool. There is no problem with consuming lanolin from sheep’s wool. The manufacturer has also said that the vitamins are free of alcohol. (Web posted 01.28.03 @ 9.45 pm)

>> Enfalac: (800) 361-6323  |  Web: enfalac.ca

Rennet in Kraft Singles Swiss “Light”

(January 17, 2003) On January 5, 2003, eat-halal.com reported that KraftSingles Swissprocess cheese slices in Canada are free of animal-derived ingredients. At that time, we weren’t aware of the fact that there are two types of Kraft Singles Swiss process cheese slices – regular and “light”. The regular does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, while the “light” contains rennet, which can be from an animal source. For this reason, Kraft Singles Swiss “Light” process cheese slices in Canada should be avoided by Muslims. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.(Web posted 01.17.03 @ 4.35 pm)

>> Kraft Canada: (800) 567-KRAFT  |  Web: kraftcanada.com

Oil at Joey’s Not Shared Anymore, No Animal Ingredients in Fries

(January 11, 2003) eat-halal.com has discovered that the fries, chicken, and fish at Joey’s Only Seafood Restaurants are fried separately, and the oil used is not shared among the items anymore. Each item is fried in its individual frying vat. The items are fried in canola oil and the fries do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. eat-halal.com had previously advised that all items at Joey’s be avoided since the items were cooked in the same oil in which chickens were fried.(Web posted 01.11.03 @ 4.35 pm)

>> Joey’s Only Seafood Restaurants: (800) 661-2123

Slice Cheese Free of Animal Ingredients

(January 5, 2003) A Muslim brother has informed eat-halal.com about the fact that Kraft SinglesSwiss process cheese slices in Canada are free of animal-derived ingredients. Most Kraft cheese products in Canada contain pepsin and/or animal rennet. This is the first Kraft cheese product in Canada found not to contain any animal-derived ingredients. Canadian Muslims don’t have much choice when purchasing sliced cheese, as most contain ingredients from Haram or doubtful sources. (Web posted 01.05.03 @ 2.55 am)

>> Kraft Canada: (800) 567-KRAFT  |  Web: kraftcanada.com