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Updates – 2000


President’s Choice pizza okay

(January 6, 2000)  I.H.F.M. Canada has discovered that President’s Choice Wood Fired Thin Crust Vegetarian Pizza is halal. The cheese used in the pizza contains bacterial culture and microbial rennet instead of pepsin, regular rennet and enzymes, and is therefore halal. Please keep in mind though that only the vegetarian pizza is halal; the rest are not halal. This pizza is available in the freezer section at most supermarkets owned by supermarket giant Loblaw Inc.

No problem with Al Safa

(January 22, 2000) In late 1999, IFANCA (The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America – http://www.ifanca.org) certified all products manufactured by Al Safa Halal of Cambridge, Ontario, as being “Hand Slaughtered Zabiha”. I.H.F.M. Canada respects IFANCA’s certification of Al Safa products. We would like to add that as a result of the certification, we see all Al Safa products as being perfectly halal and fit for consumption by all Muslims. Al Safa products, which carry a distinct crescent and “M”, are available at many supermarkets and grocery stores across North America. For more information, or to read IFANCA’s press release, visit Al Safa Halal’s web site at http://www.alsafahalal.com.

Some Hostess Frito-Lay chips haram Please see UPDATED INFO

(February 5, 2000) I.H.F.M. Canada recently received a list of Canadian Hostess Frito-Lay products which contain animal related ingredients. The list includes: 

  • Baked Lay’s KC Masterpiece BBQ, 
  • Baken-ets Pork Skins and Cracklins
  • Chee.tos Bacon & Cheddar Crackers and Cheddar Crunchits
  • Doritos Salsa Verde, Zesty and Smokey Red BBQ Tortilla Chips
  • Fritos Chili Flavour
  • Grandma’s Old Time Molasses
  • Ruffles Dip (all varieties), Buffalo Style and The Works Potato Chips
  • Sunchips French Onion and Harvest Cheddar Flavour
  • Miss Vickies Salt & Vinegar
  • Smartfood White Cheddar Flavour

The above mentioned products should be avoided by all Muslims.

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Drink found to contain gelatin

(February 20, 2000) The popular yogurt drink Yop, which is manufactured by Ultima Foods and is widely available across Canada, contains gelatin. Gelatin is a glutinous material obtained from animal tissues. It should always be avoided by Muslims, unless it is taken from a halal and zabihah animal. All flavours of Yop contain the ingredient, so they should all be avoided.

Yogurt also contains gelatin

(March 5, 2000) In our last update, we reported that the yogurt drink Yopcontained gelatin. We just recently discovered that Ultima Foods, the manufacturer of Yop, also makes Spring Valley yogurt. That too contains gelatin, and should be avoided, as it is very often overlooked.

Harvey’s fries are okay

(March 14, 2000) Unlike McDonald’s french fries in Canada, Harvey’s fries do not contain any beef tallow or any other animal ingredients. The fries are fried in 100% canola oil, and are therefor halal. Although McDonald’s fries are okay in the United States, their Canadian fries contain beef tallow and should therefoer be avoided.

Some Mikes, Pizza Hut pizzas okay

(April 1, 2000) I.H.F.M. has discovered that the dough and cheese used in pizzas at Mikes and Pizza Hut are halal. Keep in mind though that only the cheese and dough are halal – meat toppings must always be avoided. Other products sold at these restaurants may also not be halal. As a result, we would advise that only cheese or vegetarian pizzas be bought from the above mentioned restaurants.

Vanilla flavor should also be avoided

(April 16, 2000) We previously reported that vanilla extract was to be avoided because it was extracted in alcohol. We have now discovered that vanilla flavor also contains 43% to 50% alcohol. As a result, products containing the ingredient should be avoided. We must add that alcohol-free vanilla powders are available as a substitute to alcohol containing vanilla extracts and flavors for people cooking at home. For more information on these alcohol-free vanilla powders, please e-mail us.

Valley Farms frozen fries may contain Beef Tallow

(May 1, 2000) We would like to alert all Muslims in Canada of the fact thatValley Farms fries may contain beef tallow. The french fries, which are manufactured by Valley Farms Limited of Bristol, New Brunswick, are sold in 1 kg bags at the freezer section of most Canadian supermarkets. The beef tallow used in the fries comes from animals which are not slaughtered according to Islamic Law, and as a result, the product should be avoided by all Muslims, as it is often overlooked.

McCain Delite cake contains gelatin 

(May 14, 2000) McCain Delite frozen cake, manufactured by McCain Foods Limited of Florenceville, New Brunswick, contains gelatin. Gelatin is an odorless, tasteless, protein substance like glue or jelly, obtained by boiling the bones, hoofs, and other waste parts of animals. As a result, the above-mentioned product should be avoided by all Muslims.

Some No Name cheese halal

(June 4, 2000) It has been discovered that some No Name cheese bricksare halal. These products contain bacterial culture and microbial enzymes instead of animal rennet, enzymes, and pepsin. They are available at Canadian supermarkets owned and operated by supermarket giant Loblaw Inc. Please keep in mind though that not all No Name cheese products are halal. Only the above mentioned products are okay and suitable for consumption by Muslims.

Ragu “The Original” pasta sauce may contain cheese

(June 18, 2000) I.H.F.M. Canada is advising Muslims in Canada to be cautious when purchasing Ragu pasta sauce, which is manufactured by Lipton. Some large jars of “The Original” pasta sauce list romano cheese as an ingredient, while some don’t. A Lipton spokeswoman told I.H.F.M. Canada that the cheese may contain animal ingredients. As a result, the jars of pasta sauce containing romano cheese should be avoided by all Muslims.

Whey in Little Debbie cakes okay

(July 1, 2000) Little Debbie cakes, manufactured by McKee Foods Corp. of Collegedale, Tennessee, contain whey. Whey is a by-product of the cheese industry and it could contain animal enzymes. However, a McKee Foods representative told I.H.F.M. Canada that the whey used in their Little Debbie products contains microbial enzymes, which are safe for consumption by Muslims.

Natural vanilla extract in cookies

(July 18, 2000) Natural vanilla extract is one of the ingredients listed in the ingredients of President’s Choice The Decadent cookies. Vanilla can be, in some cases, extracted in alcohol. For this reason, we would advise all Muslims to avoid this product.

Passion Flakes contain lard, beef tallow

(August 1, 2000) Vachon Passion Flakes contain lard and beef tallow. Lard is the fat of pigs or hogs, melted down and made clear. The beef tallow in this product is from non-Zabiha beef. For these reasons, we ask all Muslims to avoid this product. Vachon Passion Flakes are manufactured by Culinar Inc. The product is available at most grocery stores across Canada.

Betty bread contains enzymes, should be avoided for now

(August 13, 2000) Betty brand bread, manufactured by Lanthier bakery, has been found to contain enzymes. We are currently investigating this matter. An update will be issued as soon as we reach a conclusion. For the time being, we would advise all Muslims in Canada to avoid Bettybrand bread.

Betty bread okay

(August 27, 2000) Betty brand bread, manufactured by Lanthier bakery, contains enzymes. However, our investigation shows that the enzyme (amylase) is from a vegetable source, so there is no problem. This update is a follow-up to the one that was sent out 2 weeks ago.

McCain hashbrowns contain beef fat

(September 10, 2000) McCain Hashbrowns, manufactured by McCain Foods of Florenceville, NB, contain beef fat. The fat is derived from animals which have not been slaughtered according to Islamic Law. For this reason, we ask all Muslims to avoid this product.

Burger King products fried in same oil UPDATED: Please click here.

(September 30, 2000) I.H.F.M. Canada has learned that Burger Kingfrench fries, fish fillets, and chicken products are fried in the same oil here in Canada. Since the chickens, which are not slaughtered according to Islamic Law, are fried in the oil, the oil is considered contaminated. As a result, everything that is fried in the oil is contaminated and should be avoided.

Yoplait Minigo yogurt contains rennet 

(October 14, 2000) Yoplait Minigo yogurt, manufactured by Ultima Foods, contains rennet. As a result, this product should be avoided. Minigo yogurts are sold in small, colourful, containers and are targeted at children. The product is sold at most supermarkets across Canada.

Watch out for haram Halloween candies

(October 28, 2000) As Halloween season is in full swing, we must advise Muslims to avoid Halloween candies. Halloween candies usually come in small packages and as a result, the ingredients are not listed or are too small to read. Many candies contain haram ingredients. For this reason, children must be told not to accept Halloween candies that may be passed around in school, etc. We also strongly discourage parents from sending their children out for Trick-or-Treating.

Dough, sauce, cheese, okay at Pizza Pizza  UPDATED: Please click here.

(November 4, 2000) I.H.F.M. Canada has confirmed that Pizza Pizza’s sauce, dough, and cheese are halal. This means that their vegetarian and cheese pizzas are okay for Muslims. Having said that, we must also point out that we do not recommend Muslims eat out in non-Muslim eateries, because of the chance of contamination with haram ingredients.

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and Filet-o-Fish fried in same oilUPDATED: Please click here.

(December 4, 2000) We previously reported that Burger King’s fries, fish fillets, and chicken products were fried in the same oil. Now, I.H.F.M. Canada has discovered that McDonald’s Canada‘s Chicken McNuggetsand Filet-o-Fish are also fried in the same oil. Since the McNuggets, which are from chickens that are not slaughtered according to Islamic Law, are fried in the oil, the oil is considered contaminated. As a result, the Filet-o-Fish are also contaminated and should be avoided.

Yogurts contain gelatin, whey 

(December 23, 2000) I.H.F.M. Canada has discovered that Danone Delisle and Low Fat Silhouette yogurts in Canada contain gelatin and whey protein concentrate. Since the above mentioned products contain gelatin, they must be avoided by all Muslims. It should be noted that No Name yogurts also contain whey protein concentrate and should be avoided while we further investigate the matter.