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Updates – 1999

Smokey BBQ Doritos seem OK

(Montreal, Quebec – 03/30/99) A few months ago, I.H.F.M. Canada was told by Hostess Frito-Lay, the makers of Doritos, that all Doritos Chips in Canada contained traces of pepsin. That is why we said that they were HARAM. But now, I.H.F.M. Canada has learned that Doritos Smokey BBQ Flavor does NOT contain any pepsin. We therefore believe that Doritos Smokey BBQ Flavor is safe for consumption.

Chocolate liquor contains no alcohol

(Montreal, Quebec – 04/08/99) It may seem like chocolate liquor contains alcohol, but that is not the case. Chocolate liquor is defined as being “a bitter cocoa paste (or mass) that makes chocolate what it is”. Chocolate liquor is safe for consumption. But chocolate LIQUOR should not confused with chocolate LIQUEUR, which thechocolate glossarydescribes as “alcohol mixed in a sugar syrup”. It is not safe for consumption.

Toothpastes found to contain alcohol

(Montreal, Quebec – 04/28/99) I.H.F.M. Canada was recently alerted about the fact that Aim and Pepsodent toothpastes in the United States, manufactured by Chesebrough-Pond’s, contain SD 38-B Alcohol. This report was confirmed by Chesebrough-Pond’s. As a result, Aim and Pepsodent toothpastes should be avoided in the United States.

Some Metro cheeses now Halal

(Montreal, Quebec – 05/09/99) Metro brand Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses (blocks, not slices) sold in Metro stores across the Province of Quebec are now Halal. They contain bacterial culture and microbial rennet/enzymes and do not contain any pepsin or rennet (animal). Therefore, they are safe for consumption.

Reminder about ingredients

(Montreal, Quebec – 05/23/99) I.H.F.M. Canada would like to remind everybody that multinational companies such as food manufacturers and fast food restaurants do not always use the same ingredients around the world. For example,McDonald’s french fries and fish burgers are okay in the United Statesbut not in Canada. The McDonald’s french fries in Canada contain beef tallow and the fish burgers contain cheese that is haraam. It is best to check the ingredients before consuming any food items, especially at fast food restaurants.

Chewing Gums are okay

(Montreal, Quebec – 06/27/99) A few months ago, we posted an update warning people of some “suspicious ingredients” found in some chewing gums such as Trident, Certs, Dentyne, etc. We had previously suspected that alcohol was being used in these gums. But now, after a discussion with the manufacturer, we have determined that there is no alcohol in the products and that they are safe for use.


(Montreal, Quebec – 07/18/99) I.H.F.M. Canada would like to remind everybody to read the ingredients label before buying any product. Information on this site or from any other source can become outdated at any time. So please, keep checking the ingredients, and if you’re not sure, don’t hesitate in contacting us. We’ll try our best to help you.

Mini-Wheats contain gelatin

(Montreal, Quebec – 08/01/99) Honey, Brown Sugar, and Original Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal, manufactured by Kellogg Canada Inc., contains gelatin. Therefore, we would advise that all Muslims avoid this product.

Agropur makes some rennet free cheese

(Montreal, Quebec – 08/22/99) Dairy products manufacturer Agropur of Montreal-North, Quebec, has supplied us with a list of its rennet free cheeses. The following cheese products are listed as being rennet free: Oka (Regular, Light & Classic), Foret Noire, Havarti Danesborg, Fruilano Prestigio, Fontina Prestigio, Raclette Oka, Delicreme, Feta Danesborg, Brie (Anco, Extra, Vaudreuil, Chevalier), Tomme Anco, St-Paulin Anco. The above mentioned products contain microbial enzymes which replaces the rennet, and are therefor safe for use.