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Updates – 1998

Doritos Haram in Canada OUTDATED

(Montreal, Quebec – 10/22/98) I.H.F.M. Canada contacted The Hostess Frito-Lay Company to inquire about their Doritos brand of chips. We were told that ALL Doritos chips in Canada are not Kosher and contain traces of pepsin and are therefore HARAM.

Vitamin D3 in Milk is Permissible

(Montreal, Quebec – 10/16/98) There were several rumors going around about Vitamin D3 in milk being haram and I.H.F.M. Canada was asked to look into the issue. After extensive research on how Vitamin D3 is made and the various procedures it goes through, it was decided that Vitamin D3 in milk is permissible.

Vanilla is Extracted in Alcohol

(Montreal, Quebec – 10/30/98) Information obtained from a major supplier of vanilla extract in Canada shows us that the ingredient, which is present in many of today’s food products, has alcohol added into it and is therefore NOT permissable for consumption.

Chunks Ahoy! now contains lard

(Montreal, Quebec – 11/15/98) We have just discovered that Chunks Ahoy! cookies, manufactured in Canada by Nabisco Ltd., contain lard. The cookies used to be halaal, but now, with the addition of lard in the ingredients, they are not permissable for consumption. Chips Ahoy! cookies, also manufactured by Nabisco, contain lard in Canada.

Pizza Hut not ok in Canada OUTDATED

(Montreal, Quebec – 11/29/98) The dough used in Pizza Hut pizzas in Canada contains whey powder which has traces of animal derivatives. This makes the pizzas not permissable for consumption.

Chewing Gum may not be permissable OUTDATED

(Montreal, Quebec – 12/16/98) I.H.F.M. Canada has been asked to look into chewing gums such as Dentyne, Excel, and Trident to see if they are Halaal or not. Some basic research done by I.H.F.M. Canada reveals that some brands of chewing gum contain some suspicious ingredients and it was decided that this matter required extensive investigation. In the mean time, we would advise people to abstain from those chewing gums.