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UK: Halal manufacturer KQF launches two new ranges

By Line Elise Svanevik


UK halal manufacturer KQF has launched two new ranges of frozen convenience foods in the classic and premium sectors.

The Lancashire-based company has announced that the ranges will available for both consumers and trade clients, and the classic range, which updates its current Fiesta products, features burgers, grills, sausages and kebabs.

The premium range will feature larger and chunkier products in the burger, kebab and sausage sector, and hold higher meat contents and new flavours aimed at caterers, take-away retailers and the hungriest consumers.

As the company is currently expanding, the new ranges will feature KQF’s brand new logo and packaging.

Additionally, it has recently introduced a new website and appointed distributors in Europe, and the company also prides itself on having achieved a Grade A rating under the British Retail Consortium standard.

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