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UK: Aldi apologises for mislabelled turkey crown

Aldi has apologised to consumers after boxes of its frozen Oakhurst turkey crowns had been mislabelled as halal-accredited.

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  • Ghulam Shah

    Mislabelled Turkey!
    I would like to comment on Mr Singh’s point about the Turkeys which were labelled ‘Certified Halal”. Indeed this is Misleading to the Consumers who are Muslims and an Insult to their Faith! As you have pointed out that they were ‘Incorrectly Labelled’.
    Aldi are losing out on the fact that a lot of ‘Muslims’ are now shopping at your stores due to the Boycott of all Israeli products being sold at other major stores and their support for Israel.
    If Aldi started to sell ‘Halal Certified’ products they would double their takings over night. Also need to get in line with other Stores who are selling ‘Halal Certified’ products to Maximise their Profits.
    I would also like to say to Mr Singh that if you are that much Offended then Don’t buy the products as they are Clearly marked!!
    A New Customer

  • annas malik

    I think you’ll find the turkeys where Halal. Aldi just don’t like to admit it to avoid criticism of Islamaphobes.

    Most poultry executed today is done the same way. The bird is hung on a rack and it’s neck is cut. Halal or not the process is the same.

    Watch some of the youtube videos snd you will see the mechanised way poultry is disected.