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Trends on Halal

Live Trends on Halal and related trending terms on Google

According to some estimates Muslims account for about 25% of the global population, and not only is the Muslim population younger but it is also growing faster as a whole, increasing at a rate of 1.8% per year (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace). We are at a time when the nature of the world market is changing . As the balance of power changes from the West to the East, so is the Muslim population not only gaining influence but increasing it’s economic clout, with the gross domestic product (GDP) of many Muslim countries growing faster than in the West. Halal has boomed at a slow but steady pace. From being a buzz work it has become a common phenomenon which people have started to appreciate in their surroundings.

Here we are trying to show you some Trends on Halal and how the halal related search terms have been trending and what are the emerging terms:

Interest Over Time

Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart. If, at most ,10% of searches for the given region and time frame were for “pizza,” we’d consider this 100. This doesn’t convey absolute search volume

Regional Interest

Numbers represent search volume relative to the highest point on the map which is always 100. Click on any region/point to see more details on the search volume there.

People whose searches match the restrictions most often searched for these terms too.

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Rising Terms