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Feel Like Eating Something Haram

Do you ever feel like eating something Haram? eat-halal.com’s editor gives a first hand account. Editorial by: Sikander Z. Hashmi, www.eat-halal.com I stoodin the soup aisle in the supermarket. I had been having cream of mushroom for the last week ...

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Halal Certified Products: When?

As we roll ahead into 2003, a number of challenges await us in the horizon, all waiting to be addressed. In a series of editorials, eat-halal.com’s editor sheds some light on these issues. This is the second in the series. ...

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Eating Human Hair by Another Name?

Welcome the amazing L-Cysteine By: Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed Your bakery product may contain human hair and you may not even realize it. It comes in the form of L-Cysteine, a non-essential amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of ...

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