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Which one of the following would you like to see become reality before the end of 2004?

If eat-halal.com were to launch an animal sacrifice program for next year’s Eid-ul-Adha, would you consider taking part?


Which one of the following would you like to see become reality in your city 2003?

How did you carry out your sacrifice for Eid-ul-Adha this year?

Do you buy any of the meats sold in supermarkets as “Halal”?

Do you see yourself eating out more or less in the last few months?

Have you stopped eating beef since the recent report of Mad Cow Disease in Canada?

Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone over Halal food(s)?

You go to a party or gathering at a friend’s house. Once you arrive, you realize that the food is being catered by an establishment which claims to sell Halal, but you have trouble trusting. What do you do?

Have you ever been pressured into eating something Haram?

If you happen to eat something Haram by mistake, what is your instant reaction when you realize your mistake?

During Ramadhan, do you find yourself eating more or less than before Ramadhan?

With the increasing number of “Halal” products on the market, do you think Muslim consumers are getting value for their money?


Do you eat in restaurants where Haram items are served along with Halal items?

Do you feel that there is a need for Halal certification of Halal meat stores and restaurants on a local level?

Do you think that fast food chains (such as KFC, McDonald’s, etc.) operating in Muslim countries serve 100% authentic Halal food?

Would you pay more for a Halal certified product as compared to a product which seems to contain Halal ingredients but is not certified Halal?

Do you find it difficult to follow Halal/Haram food guidelines while living in a non-Muslim country?

Do you check the ingredients of products sold in Halal food stores?

Have you purchased any of the boxed frozen Halal products (e.g. burgers, chicken nuggets, etc.) available in stores these days?

Have you eaten out at a fast food restaurant in the last few weeks?

Do you think your child ends up eating something Haram one way or the other while he or she is at school? (Answer for yourself if you’re a child)

Which one of the following factors plays a major role in your decisions when shopping?

Do you plan on fasting on each day of the month of Ramadhan this year?

Would you be willing to buy Halal meat online if such a service is made available in Canada?


Do you feel comfortable eating Halal food prepared by non-Muslim employees at a non-Muslim eatery?

Do you think that all halal meat stores sell halal, zabiha meat as they claim?

Do you eat mechanically slaughtered chickens and/or the products made from them (i.e. Maple Lodge chickens and products)?

When traveling by air, which type of meal do you request?

Do you believe it’s time for Muslims to demand Halal certified products from food manufacturers?

How do you manage your meals when traveling?

In your opinion, which is the most effective way to convince manufacturers to obtain Halal certification for their food products?

Which of the following statements found on the packaging of halal meat products influence your decision to buy the product?

When do you think is the right time to introduce Muslim children to the concept of Halal/Haram foods?

Does your concern for eating Halal increase during the month of Ramadhan?

If you saw a Muslim eating something you knew was Haram, but weren’t sure if they knew or not, would you go up to them and say something?


-January :Where do you purchase your meat?

-February :How often do you check the ingredients of a product before buying it?

-March :When eating at another Muslim’s house, do you ask if the meat is Zabiha (slaughtered according to Islamic Rites)?

-April :Which animal did you slaughter for Eid-ul-Adha?

-May :How often do you eat out?

-June :Do you eat the meat of animals slaughtered by Jews and/or Christians?

-July :Do you think it is okay to slaughter animals mechanically in Islam?

-August :Would you eat in a Muslim-owned establishment that was serving alcohol along with halal zabiha meat?

-September :In your opinion, is it okay to genetically modify foods?

-October :Are your youngsters aware of the basics of eating halal?

-November :Do you find yourself eating more, less, or the same during Ramadhan?

-December :Where do you usually break your fast?