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Polls in 2000



Where do you purchase your meat?


Supermarket (regular): (14) 13%

Supermarket (halal): (18) 16%

Halal Meat Store: (75) 68%

Kosher Store: (3) 3%

Total Votes: 110


How often do you check the ingredients of a product before buying it?


Always: (102) 68%

Most of the time: (34) 23%

Sometimes: (14) 9%

Never: (0) 0%

Total Votes: 150


I always check the label before I purchased any food item, and I encouraged my kids to do the same thing. 2/17/00 3:42:42 PM

I mostly check the labels while i am with my Mom cauz she is Hajja.I also check them when i am about to eat eny kind of Snack. 2/13/00 12:35:40 PM

does anybody check for kosher symbols?and do they know which ones do not allow haram ingredients? because most of the products that only have a K do. 2/9/00 3:45:12 PM

I am a vegetarian, and nowadays, you don’t know WHAT they’ve added to the food that’s not visible. Like chicken broth. 2/2/00 7:19:58 AM

Thanks for buid this good and very useful, informative site (Jazakallaha ul Azeem ) 2/1/00 11:16:44 AM

This is a good site and people who just sometimes check their ingredients should always check the ingredients ; inshallah lets hope its halal! 1/31/00 9:06:27 PM


When eating at another Muslim’s house, do you ask if the meat is Zabiha (slaughtered according to Islamic Rites)?


Yes: (65) 29%

No: (134) 60%

Sometimes: (25) 11%

Total Votes: 224


It is annonying to see brothers/sisters in hijab buting meats from costco. saying bismillah when you eat haram does not make it zabiah. 3/27/00 1:02:57 PM

It`s not my responsabilty my brother. 3/14/00 12:20:22 AM

If the meat is irregular in cut including chicken (several pieces) it could be Zabiha as muslim butchers are used to cutting that way.Allah knows best. 3/12/00 7:44:26 AM

we assume that muslims we know buy halaal meat-its readily available inthe uk why would they buy haraam meat. 3/10/00 10:41:47 AM

i would think if you know the person really well then you have an idea of whether the meat is halal. if not don’t ask, pray 3/4/00 3:17:35 PM

you have to make sure 3/3/00 11:41:56 AM


Which animal did you slaughter for Eid-ul-Adha?


Cow/Share in cow: (14) 14%

Goat: (35) 35%

Sheep/Lamb: (28) 28%

Bought share in Qurbani program: (7) 7%

None: (15) 15%

Total Votes: 99


How often do you eat out?


1-3 times a week: (33) 70%

3-6 times a week: (3) 6%

6-9 times a week: 0%

Over 9 times a week: (3) 6%

Never: (8) 17%

Total Selections: 47


As I am now pregnant in my late stage, I find it quite a hassle to cook daily. 5/1/00 10:07:20 PM


Do you eat the meat of animals slaughtered by Jews and/or Christians?


Yes: (31) 20%

No: (90) 59%

Only when Halal is not available: (30) 19%

Total Votes: 151


Eat fish if meat is not available. Eat to live & not live to eat. 6/28/00 3:17:22 AM

your survey should be preceded with a question to the effect “are you a muslim?”, because non-muslims may also respond if they stumble onto the site. 6/27/00 5:56:59 AM

I consider meat that jewish people slaughter to be halal but i still don’t have enough proof to know that it is okay to eat it 6/23/00 2:49:55 PM

i do without if no halal 6/23/00 2:35:40 PM

no never, even if i have to remain without food. And i know Allah will send me halal food, thats me belief 6/21/00 12:26:48 PM

seer fish 6/19/00 1:38:33 PM

excellent question 6/16/00 6:21:15 PM

I am glad,people says No 6/15/00 2:54:33 AM

I am glad,people says No 6/15/00 1:58:57 AM

I would rather not eat meat. 6/13/00 9:21:39 PM


Do you think it is okay to slaughter animals mechanically in Islam?


Yes: (31) 22%

No: (92) 66%

Maybe: (15) 10%

Total Selections: 138


Mechanical slaughter of animals is not okay because the machine is not saying Bissmillah… while it is zibbahs each animal. 7/30/00 7:02:55 AM

mankinds advancements have made it easier to do these tasks, it seams some of our brothers want to keep us in the old days 7/30/00 2:30:51 AM

Assalamu Alaikum: I hope we are not abondoning Ijtihad and repalcing it with Voting. Please be careful. Wassalamu Alaikum. 7/26/00 10:18:58 PM

time factor and thought regarded 7/25/00 11:30:28 AM

can anyone slaughter 2 million chicken by hand and not get sick. The demand for chicken in the islam community is so great so if someone can slaughter 7/22/00 8:03:18 PM

My comment is that in the coran is written that you have too slaughter an animal with the words bismillaahhieramanierrahiem and bij saying thatcut 7/21/00 7:49:52 AM

It’s not okay, why don’t you eat the meat in the stores then? You have too slaughter an animal by the words of allah, else everything you eat isHARAM 7/21/00 7:47:36 AM

My comment is that in the coran is written that you have too slaughter an animal with the words bismillaahhieramanierrahiem and bij saying thatcut 7/21/00 7:44:19 AM

I think it is not possible to keep up the demand of halal meet without slaughtering animal by hand. At least Allah’s name is used 7/20/00 9:05:57 PM

Maybe in case saying Allah Akbar & Basm Allah el Rahim 7/20/00 8:51:40 AM


Would you eat in a Muslim-owned establishment that was serving alcohol along with halal zabiha meat?


Yes: (39) 15%

No: (208) 84%

Total Selections: 247


no, because any muslim that fears allah and messenger (pbuh) knows that is haram and he would have to anwser to allah for such an act. 9/1/00 1:13:36 PM

good. 8/30/00 8:12:59 PM

The two completely coontradict one another. If you are trying to uphold the Sunnah and live by the Quar’an you should do it completely. 8/28/00 7:22:10 PM

you cannot trust. 8/26/00 7:03:09 PM

If I do so it will be in supporting the consumption of alcohol which is HARAM. 8/24/00 10:55:04 PM

halal and haram should not be mixed by Muslims. If he serves what Satan has produced then he is not trustworthy. 8/24/00 7:26:36 PM

Qur’an teaches to respect others beliefs though they are not ours, look in the mirror & choose for that person only.You make your choices noone elses. 8/23/00 2:31:49 AM

Pause & remember, it is not up to us to judge others for we are not God.Choices are made for you.But,for safety,question the integrity of the meat . 8/23/00 2:24:50 AM

If the Qur’an forbids us to sell or offer alcohol, then how can I trust the restaurant that it really is halal meat? There is no trust . 8/21/00 7:14:34 AM

How can u trust a muslim who earns his living by doing a kabira? 8/21/00 5:29:48 AM

I voted ‘No’. It’s simply Hypocracy. 8/17/00 11:26:21 AM

assalamualaikum 8/16/00 3:45:47 AM

Muslims should not even be in the same room as non-Muslims, let alone sit there and watch then doing haram – it is like you are encouraging them. 8/15/00 6:56:40 PM

Here we are talking about Halal/Haram food and then there is a GAMBLING add at the top of the survery results, Astagh Ferrullah, FREE poll at bpath. 8/15/00 3:30:18 PM

Someone serving alcohol — I WOULD NOT TRUST THEM AT ALL!!!! 8/14/00 8:31:31 AM

If they are selling Halal Zabihah meat then why would they sell alcohol. I mean it would sound like a double standard to me. 8/14/00 8:30:15 AM

many of the prophets and followers have had meals with non-muslims where alcohol was present, eg with the christians – but were not drinking alcohol. 8/13/00 7:38:57 PM

it might be served by the same waiter. 8/10/00 11:29:03 AM

alcohol takes the iman out of a believers stomach it is as filthyas urine. 8/7/00 7:34:03 AM

unislamic haram to sell alcohol or be where it is being served. 8/7/00 7:30:55 AM

why Muslims have to go so low for $$$ to serve troublesome drinks and adding headches with licensing dept and adding factors of causing death by road. 8/7/00 3:18:37 AM

remember alcohols is evil stay away from it. 8/6/00 1:47:30 AM

no alcohol should be served. 8/6/00 1:46:06 AM

How can a muslim serve alcohol/It’s haram. 8/3/00 9:12:06 PM

As long as the food is perfectly halal, anything else doesn’t concern me. 8/3/00 4:33:06 AM

If they served Alcohol how would i know to trust them if the meat is Zabiha? 8/3/00 3:17:41 AM

You cannot follow the Koran and have exceptions for the sake of increasing profit sales. 8/2/00 2:13:57 AM

never drink alcahol. 8/1/00 2:54:33 PM

no 7/31/00 9:30:48 PM


In your opinion, is it okay to genetically modify foods?


Yes: (31) 26%

No: (85) 73%

Total Selections: 116


are you talking about planting veg. & fruits with other lants’ stems? Yes I say O.K. 9/28/00 9:42:36 AM

god give ud aql to think and to be used, so, used the aql in a right way, eg: genetically modify foods… be open minded, this is only an opinion. 9/26/00 11:41:36 PM

sorry i had a typo in my first comment. 9/26/00 9:06:09 PM

i agree that most of the people opposing GM foods do not understand the scientific basis of this. muslims should be more open minded. muslims should be more open minded. 9/26/00 9:04:42 PM

all it really is, is taking the better qualities of a food and inhancing them. read up on some genetics, there is no room to explain here. 9/26/00 2:18:05 PM

It is contrary to the Nature’s Rules. 9/18/00 11:31:11 PM

I’ve found that a lot of the people who do NOT think GM foods are okay, are lacking the scientific knowledge to understand what exactly GM foods are. 9/16/00 5:47:56 PM

the nature’s way is God’s way, so let us not modify abruptly the course of nature for the nature itself will take it own course in changing 9/16/00 11:16:42 AM

Genetically modifying the food could mean adding materials from nonhalal things. 9/11/00 4:26:06 PM

it is unnatural. 9/6/00 1:59:47 AM

I don’t believe we should things that god gave us. 9/2/00 4:14:55 PM


Are your youngsters aware of the basics of eating halal?


Yes: (74) 67%

No: (28) 25%

I don’t know: (7) 6%

Total Selections: 109


Halal food stuffs must be popularised 10/26/00 3:26:56 AM

i found this site by internet search & i am very glad to know that there are haram & halaj are available on the net, keep it up 10/25/00 10:39:53 AM

i find it difficult in some of the hotels where i cannot assure that the meet is halah. in tat case, is it allowed to eat it by reciting ALLAH’s name 10/25/00 7:16:14 AM

our brothers &sisters needs details of-What is Halal & Haram ? 10/21/00 1:26:54 PM

i am very pleased that you are enganged in somethhing so imporatant i have a small suggestion please research into flavour enhancers, alot are harram 10/18/00 4:56:05 AM

i dont what can products are halal or not halal 10/10/00 1:06:46 AM

GOOD WORK 10/8/00 7:10:38 PM

The people that said no should teach there kids not to so they don’t affect future 10/7/00 11:49:59 PM

I don’t have any idea what Halal is in the first place so may be you could help me know what it is. 10/6/00 5:05:59 PM

Alhamdolilah 10/1/00 7:46:33 PM


Do you find yourself eating more, less, or the same during Ramadhan?


More: (46) 26%

Less: (88) 51%

Same: (38) 22%

Total Selections: 172


nuri genç 11/28/00 5:6:39 AM

because not the same appetite like before 11/23/00 6:57:24 PM

in my opinion, base on my previous experience, I eat less 11/21/00 6:46:14 PM

in my opinion, based 11/21/00 5:42:43 PM

Eat less…be Momin..think more 11/21/00 7:20:1 AM

Our Prophet’s (saw) words about filling one’s stomach, a third with food, a third with water, and a third with air(left empty) definitely applies. 11/20/00 6:11:26 AM

too much rich foods 11/10/00 8:19:26 AM


Where do you usually break your fast?


Mosque: (22) 7%

Work/School: (70) 25%

Home: (161) 57%

On the Road: (22) 7%

Other: (5) 1%

Total Selections: 280


The best place to break your fast is at home with your family. 1/13/01 5:40:19 AM

ziad i miss u aref 12/31/00 3:25:16 PM

muhammed (s.a.v.) hat gesagt, wer au der strasse ist den kan man nicht meh vertrauen 12/26/00 6:57:25 PM

salaam 12/17/00 4:31:21 AM


Salats are obligatory in mosque ; break fast necessary in mosque 12/12/00 2:00:23 PM

interesting 12/6/00 3:34:55 AM