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Pakistan notifies Punjab Halal Development Agency with Halal Certification


ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Science and Technologies (MoST) is all set to take steps to foster halal industry of Pakistan and to capture the international halal food market & halal goods marketplace worth US$ 3 trillion.

An inter-ministerial meeting would soon be convened within this regard, to expedite the progress on Halal meals and creating the business compliant to international standards.

“There is strong require of creating requirements and enacting a law to advertise our Halal goods, and can boost our export particularly in Middle East and Europe”, a Ministry official told APP.

He stated Pakistan requirements Halal professionals simply because globalization of meals trade and increased customer awareness regarding food security standards contribute towards new demands for halal, wholesome and hygienic meals.

“We possess all imperative elements for Halal products’ production and need to streamline them at par, with the demand of the target community”, he added.

PUNJAB Halal Development Agency (PHDA) has formally been notified with the aim of prescribing Halal standards, auditing and certification procedure and system.

He stated creation of Punjab Halal Improvement Agency (PHDA) is a step toward making Pakistan, Halal hub by opening new vistas for getting into the international Halal market while serving the domestic consumer marketplace.

The PHDA was initially notified as Halal R&D Cell under Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company (PAMCO) but now its scope has been broadened.

The new body will be head by learned Shariah Scholar Justice (Retd) Khalil-ur-Rehman Khan. Technical experts having diversified background are being included in his team. Under the administrative control of Provincial Livestock and Dairy Development Department, its secretariat is being established at Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company.

The demand for healthy and safe agro-livestock food goods is increasing quickly with increasing population development price and socio-economic circumstances.

This may also open up new economic opportunities and employment for the youth and traders. PHDA, being a top entity of government of the Punjab is established to prescribe requirements and processes for Halal Certification of food and non-food sector in line with study and advanced laboratory testing facilities.

Official said the Ministry of S&T will promote Halal Industry of Pakistan worldwide by maintaining International standards, adding Halal Requirements for Livestock, Beverages, By-products, Cosmetics and other edibles will also be introduced, which will build trust on Pakistani products and enhance export volume.

The agency will prescribe the rules and procedure for issuing the Halal certification besides prescribing Halal logo and authorise use of the Halal logo by the Halal certificate holders.

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