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Out of halal certification chaos comes criticism and Islamophobia?

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn The sensationalist media coverage around so called ‘stealth halal’ is only fuelled by the lack of certification harmonisation, Food Navigator’s Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn argues. The British press has been a-buzz this past week as it was ‘revealed’ that several big supermarkets as well as restaurant chains including Pizza Express serve meat that could fit halal standards , the later without noting this on menus. The supermarkets have since responded to the stories saying they sell meats to cater to all customer demands, but that certified halal was always clearly marked. Sainsburys told press that in the case of…

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  • Bree

    Why not have a unified global halal branding coalition meeting, all the brands along with heads from various Muslim sects/schools of thought should be invited and a unified guide book should be created, the same rules for everyone, with judging of foods similar to how done by the OU(Jewish Orthodox Union), if something is haram for one sect the food must be specially branded, eg. some muslims don’t eat squid or mushrooms, but others do. the Dawoodi’s don’t eat fish(they believe it must be zabiya’d too) everyone else does though. etc.
    They should have a inter sectarian meeting, Sunni & Shia to solve this stuff first.