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This category contains various items that don’t particularly fit to other categories.

Boycotts and Objective Reporting

What’s more important? Observing boycotts or trying to help as many Muslims eat Halal as possible? Editorial by: Sikander Z. Hashmi, www.eat-halal.com Every once in a while, a disapproving e-mail crash-lands into the eat-halal.com inbox. Here’s one that found it’s ...

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Proud to be Muslim

I am not sufi, I am not wahabi, I am not ahle hadeeth, I am not ahle Sunah, I am not black, I am not white, I am not an alien I am not purple, green, blue or yellow. I ...

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The following is a poem, in the form of a sonnet, composed by a Grade 12 student for his English assignment. How Can I? Before I abandon the blessings On my oversized platter; I must remember the sufferings Of the ...

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Canadian Muslims, Wake Up!

The following is a letter we received from a Muslim brother residing in the Greater Toronto Area. The letter has been edited in places to enhance clarity. Please note that the views expressed in this letter may not necessarily be ...

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