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Malaysia: McDonald’s Showcases Quality Control

Courtesy of The Sun Daily


McDonald’s Malaysia recently took members of the media on a visit to its main supplier’s food production plant to demonstrate its stringent and rigorous procedures involved in making their products. The fast food company has always emphasised on its food quality and safety – a cornerstone of their brand. With dedication and commitment in selecting ingredients of the highest quality, all the while keeping a close eye on food safety practices, this, and in line with Halal standards, is daily practice  when it comes to the McDonald’s menu.

The aforementioned media day lifted the lid on McDonald’s exact working conditions at MacFood Services Sdn Bhd, the main processing supplier for its protein products such as beef, chicken and fish.

This transparent measure and full disclosure to members of the media proves McDonald’s genuine interest in creating public awareness on the importance of food quality and safety. “Each month more than 13 million customers visit our 250 restaurants nationwide,” said McDonald’s Malaysia’s managing director Stephen Chow.

“It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers are assured of the highest standards of our products, so that they may make informed choices on eating right,” added Chew. McDonald’s lives up to its brand trust by using only the freshest locally produced ingredients of the highest quality, ensuring that their meat products are 100% meat, with no fillers or additives.

McDonald’s has also received Halal certification from the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development or JAKIM. Its commitment to Halal food is all encompassing as it imposes the same standards on all its food suppliers.

“… We do all we can to make sure that the meals we serve are of the highest quality, meet all food safety standards and are produced in accordance to Halal requirements,” Chow reiterated. “Our customers can have confidence in our products and be safe in the knowledge that we are a trustable brand.”

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