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Malaysia: CMC Leading the way in Halal Pharmaceuticals

Chemical Company Malaysia Berhad (CCM), one of the Top 20 Government Linked Companies (GLCs) in Malaysia, continues to enforce its leading position in the Halal pharmaceutical sector by making available nearly 200 pharmaceutical products that have been duly certified as Halal by JAKIM. The availability of CCM’s Halal pharmaceutical products was announced at a recent media roundtable on Introduction to Halal Pharmaceuticals” held mainly to impart knowledge on Shariah compliant healthcare products and the concept of informed choice from an Islamic perspective, whilst at the same time communicating on CCM’s role in promoting and creating awareness on this new sector of the Halal industry for the benefit of the ummah.

Some of CCM’s OTC Malaysia products on display

Some of CCM’s OTC Malaysia products on display

CCM is the first to be certified with the prestigous Halal Malaysia certification by JAKIM based on the world’s first Halal Pharmaceutical standard, MS2424:2012. Mr Amirul Feisal Wan Zahir, Group Managing Director, CCM, in a statement explained that CCM Group of Companies have always taken the committment to Halal very seriously: “The underlying principle for CCM’s business conducts and practices are encompassed in our aspiration to perform the fardh kifayah (collective obligation/duty) in making available Halal products which are preferred by Muslims and everyone alike, be they in Malaysia or worldwide,” said Mr Amirul Feisal. He further stated that CCM produces about 800 pharmaceutical products, out of which 600 are medical prescription products. “The current regulation by the Malaysian Ministry of Health does not allow the Halal logo to be displayed on the labels of prescribed medicinal products. Nevertheless, in line with CCM’s commitment towards Halal, all CCM pharmaceutical products are manufactured in Halal Compliant Facilities based on MS2424:2012.”

Renowned scholars and medical professionals were invited to speak at the discussion aimed at fuelling awareness on the rights of the Muslim consumers in requesting for Halal alternatives for prescribed medicines from their doctors, should they be available, and to choose valid Halal certified Over-The-Counter (OTC) products when they make such purchases.

Ustaz Dr Hj Mohd Izhar Ariff Bin Mohd Kashim (A.M.S)

Ustaz Dr Hj Mohd Izhar Ariff Bin Mohd Kashim (A.M.S)

Ustaz Dr Mohd Izhar Ariff Mohd Kashim, a respected scholar specialising in the area of Fiqh for Food and Consumer Products, had advised Muslims in Malaysia to pay closer attention to the Halal status of pharmaceutical and medicinal products that they are consuming. Dr Izhar is a Senior Lecturer DS51 at the Shariah Department of the Faculty of Islamic Studies at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

“Look actively for the approved Halal logo especially those issued by JAKIM in the health supplements that enhance wellbeing. The rationale to use ‘dharurat’ is only applicable for prescribed medicines when our life is at stake according to specialists’ advice. If there are no Halal alternatives available, it is “Harus”, or advisable to consume the medicine which is available even though its Halal status is not affirmed as the tenet of Islam gives priority to the preservation of life,” said Dr Mohd Izhar.

Professor Zhari Bin Ismail

Professor Zhari Bin Ismail

According to Professor Zhari Ismail, a revered thought leader in Halal Pharmaceuticals and a Professor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Universiti Sains Malaysia, most of the pharmaceuticals products available in the Malaysian market now are imported and may contain non-halal ingredients such as pork-based ingredients or parts of animals that have not been slaughtered according to the Shariah. These are commonly used in gelatine, capsules and vaccines.

“Currently, the Ministry of Health Malaysia only allows the display of Halal logo for OTC products such as health supplements. OTC products do not need a prescription from a medical doctor or a pharmacist and thus offers the Muslim consumers the chance to make informed choices,” he further disclosed.

Professor Dr Wan Azman Wan Ahmad

Professor Dr Wan Azman Wan Ahmad

Another esteemed speaker, Professor Dr Wan Azman Wan Ahmad, a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya and an expert in interventional cardiology, further explained that it is important for patients to make informed decisions from the combination of Shari’ah and medical standpoint.

“Empower yourself with knowledge and make informed choices when you visit the doctor. Do not be afraid to practice your rights and ask the doctor if there are Halal alternatives available for the medicines prescribed. The doctors, in turn, should enhance their knowledge in this new sector and seek opinion from knowledgeable Muslim peers in order to serve their patients accordingly,” said Dr Wan Azman.

The discussion was moderated by Professor Dr Malik Bin Musharaf, Vice President of Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), who disclosed that CCM’s Halal certified OTC products are competitively priced, being 20% to 40% more affordable as compared to the imported products within the same range.

CCM’s range of Halal certified health supplements under the brands CHAMPS, Flavettes, Proviton and Naturalle, were the first to be certified in 1999 based on MS1500 Halal Food – General Guidelines and recently, together with its OTC products such as, amongst others, Uphamol, Donna, Alucid, Eye Glo, Sloan’s, Dermoplex and Oral Aid Gel, were certified Halal by JAKIM based on the world’s first Halal Pharmaceuticals Standard MS2424: 2012 Halal Pharmaceuticals – General Guidelines on 30 January 2013.

CCM and Halal Pharmaceuticals


The Pharmaeuticals Division of Chemical Company of Malaysia (CCM) was the first GMP-Pharmaceutical (Good Manufacturing Practice – Pharmaceutical facilities) certified manufacturer to obtain the prestigious “Halal Malaysia” certification for its Health Supplements. Earlier this year three companies in this division, namely CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd, Upha Pharmaceutical Mfg. (M) Sdn Bhd and  Duopharma (M) Sdn Bhd became the first to obtain the prestigous “Halal Malaysia” certification from JAKIM based on the world’s first Halal Pharmaceutical standards, “MS2424:2012 Halal Pharmaceuticals – General Guidelines”. The normative reference for this standard is the internationally renowned Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S): Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicinal Products, which further attest that the Halal pharmaceutical products certified by JAKIM are not only permissible to be consumed by Muslims but also affirmed that the safety, efficacy, quality and hygiene aspects of these products are of international standards.

About Chemical Company of Malaysia Berhad (CCM)

CCM, Malaysia’s largest generic pharmaceuticals, chemicals and compound fertilizers manufacturer, is listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia and is a key player in the pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and chemicals industries. CCM turns 50 this year, celebrating five decades of commitment towards enhancing the quality of life for all Malaysians. As CCM marks its 50th anniversary, the Group will continue to strive for innovation and empower its employees in order to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction for years to come.

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