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Did You Know


  • It has been reported that someone put a broken tooth in a bottle of Pepsi and in 10 days it was gone! Teeth and bones are the only parts of the human body that stay intact for years after a person dies. Imagine what the drink must be doing to the inside of our bodies, especially the soft stomach! 


  • The milk we buy has Vitamin D3 added to it. Grease is taken out from sheep’s wool. The grease contains lanolin, which has Vitamin D3 in it. It is then taken out and added to milk.


  • The pizzas, bagels, and pita breads you eat might contain human hair (ugh!) and you may not even know about it. L-cysteine (pronounced l-sis-teen) is made from human hair and is used in many bakery items. It is taken from either human hair or duck/chicken feathers.


  • Pigs like to scavenge and they eat almost anything they can find, including dead insects, worms, rotting carcasses (dead bodies), garbage, other pigs, and even the brown stuff that goes in the toilet. No wonder Allah has forbidden us humans from eating pigs!