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Japan: Halal Food Tasting Event Brought Enjoyable Meals for Muslim Students

Courtesy of Tokyo Institute of Technology


Tokyo – A tasting event for the new dishes which will be added to the Halal Recommended Menu was held in the First Cafeteria at the Ookayama Campus on October 23. About 20 Muslim students enjoyed tasting the dishes. Tokyo Tech University Co-op cafeterias have been offering a Halal Recommended Menu since 2010 at the Ookayama Campus and since 2011 at the Suzukakedai Campus.

Ten new dishes were introduced at the recent tasting event: 3 kinds of yellow curries, chicken with tomato sauce, beef tossed with tomato sauce, boiled chicken with grated daikon, chicken teriyaki, fried chicken bowl, beef bowl, and soy sauce ramen with chicken.

One taster commented, “I’ve wanted to try the beef bowl and ramen since arriving in Japan. It is like a dream come true that I can taste them now.” Beef bowl and ramen might become popular dishes at the cafeterias.

Executive Director Hirano of Tokyo Tech University Co-op said:

“If you are trying to adhere to strict halal requirements, you need to ensure that there is no mixing of halal and non-halal ingredients and wash tableware separately from other tableware, which are difficult tasks in practice. The Tokyo Tech University Co-op made Six Commitments pertaining to the offering of its Halal Recommended Menu. We also provided an opportunity for Muslim students to give us feedback through a tasting event.”

Tokyo Tech University Co-op’s Six Commitments to the halal dishes it serves in its Halal Recommended Menu

  1. No pork or its by-products
  2. No alcohol from any source
  3. Slaughtering of animals is according to Islamic Law, and the processed meat is certified according to the Malaysian government’s “Malaysian Standard on Halal Food.”
  4. No mixing with non-halal raw materials/ingredients
  5. All seasonings/additives are halal
  6. Separate cooking utensils/equipment are used for the Halal Recommended Menu and the Regular Menu

The Halal Recommended Menu will be offered in the First and Second Cafeterias at the Ookayama Campus and in the Co-op Cafeteria at the Suzukakedai Campus from November 1.

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