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Jakim confirms Cadbury Malaysia’s chocolates are halal

All is good, enjoy us again!

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) has reissued Cadbury Malaysia with its halal certificates after it had confirmed that Cadbury chocolates were free from any non-halal ingredients after analysis of its contents by the health ministry which had reported it contained pig DNA. The certificates affirmed that all Cadbury Malaysia products complied with Islamic Law and the Malaysian Halal Standard, which is approved by The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and its halal certification panel. Sunil Sethi, managing director for Mondelez Malaysia, the parent company of Cadbury Malaysia, said the certification was a testament to the fact that all their products can be…

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  • Assalam O Alaikum

    With all due respect to the religious ulema who said pork gelatin is Halal
    utilizing the word Istihalah but none of them provide any scientific evidence
    to justify their fatwa. In 2014 the old saying things about pork gelatin is
    Halal or bar soap made with pork fat is Halal does not work because these ulema
    never consulted with Muslim scientists to find out what actually happened
    during the processing of gelatin made from pork collagen and fatty acids in the
    case of bar soap made from pork fat. According Muslim Consumer Group ulema
    gelatin made from pork collagen and bar soap made from pork fat are 100% Haram.
    How gelatin and bar soap made from pork are mentioned in our website
    http://www.muslimconsumergroup.com/services/fiqah & science in which I explained that
    the basic unit of pork collagen is amino acids is remained as is in pork
    gelatin. No chemical changes occurred during gelatin processing. Similarly the
    fatty acids of pork fat remained same in bar soap.

    If Pork DNA was really discovered in Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates I think then
    source of contamination will be following as I reported in above website:

    TITLE: Lacotse (a milk sugar) may be the source of Pork DNA in Cadbury Dairy
    Milk Chocolate in Malaysia

    Lactose a milk sugar is part of ingredients of Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut
    Chocolate and Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond Chocolate.

    Lactose is made from whey, whey is a by-product of cheese making. Whey from
    which the lactose obtained has to be sweet whey not acid whey where rennet
    enzyme is not used. Milk is curd by adding rennet enzyme to milk. Rennet enzyme
    can be made from pork or beef or microbial source. Some times Lipase (fat
    breaking) enzyme is also added to milk. Again Lipase enzyme can be obttained
    from pork or beef or microbial source.

    Only microbial rennet enzyme and microbial lipase enzyme are Halal.

    It is possible that the lactose is obtained from a dairy plant where cheese is
    made with pork rennet, pork lipase and also microbial rennet and microbial
    lipase. Probably the line was not properly cleaned so cross contamination
    happened or finished microbial enzyme used whey may be contaminated with pork
    rennet whey.

    The other source of Pork DNA in Cadbury Dairy milk chocolate may br from
    emulsifiers or fat based ingredients. Same above sitauation may have happened.

    Halal certification is not easy, you have to consider every possiblity, some
    Halal certifying organizations do not pay attention to details and possiblity
    of cross contamination. You have to be trained or have experience in working in
    cheese plants and other food plants. The manufacturer must have a very good
    HACCP, its implemintation and management. Similarly have very good Total
    Quality Management of cheese plant or other food plant.

    Posted on: 06-01-14 00:00 AM

    It is also possible that the US made DNA detector was not
    calibrate so it gives the false positive results. Malaysian Muslim consumers
    deserve full investigation about this fiasco which effect every Muslim in the
    world. I am not defending my former employer Mondelez (Nabisco) but I am sure
    the Mondelez Malaysia has very good HAACP system because when I was in charge
    of quality assurance of the plant at St. Elmo, IL where all Nabisco
    Oreo Brownies, Chips Ahoy Brownies and Snackwell Brownies were made in US. I followed
    strict Nabisco HAACP program and there was no recall of Nabisco
    Brownies in USA and Canada.

    It is the responsibility of JAKIM to explain to world
    Muslims what happened, whose responsible for this fiasco JAKIM can not said the
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate are Halal without explanation what happened
    because some of Malaysian made Cadbury in other countries and I am getting
    questions from India whether Cadbury Chocolate are Halal or not.

    Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed

    Muslim Consumer Group For Food Products USA/Canada


  • Anti muzrats

    Cadbury supports terrorists. fact! people are boycotting that rubbish, i hope the pigs enjoy it…