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Is Alcohol Allowed in Islam

No Alcohol Allowed in Islam

Q. I need to recognize if any form of alcohol is allowed in Islam. I see numerous shampoos and lotions/lotions which have cetyl alcohol or identical, in almost all shampoos and lotions. Is this kind of alcohol is allowed or now not? – by OS

A. there are various various kinds of alcohols within the alcohol chemical staff – the ones that finish with -ol. From among them, only ethyl alcohol is Haram because of its ability to intoxicate, and due to this fact, ethyl alcohol (most often merely referred to as alcohol), is forbidden to drink/follow (generally) and is regarded as to be soiled as smartly. there’s no problem with the opposite alcohols that can not intoxicate, such as sorbitol, cetyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and many others. (net posted 03.thirteen.04 @ 3.21 pm EST)

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