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Halal Take-out Orders Grow In the US

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Eating Out

Picnics and barbecues may be the token foodie celebrations of the season, but summer also serves as a time to celebrate the nation’s cultural diversity. In fact, GrubHub order data reveals that America’s taste for takeout is continuing to grow beyond staples like pizza and pad Thai, with Pakistani, Caribbean and Halal cuisines experiencing significant lifts in order popularity.

For an accurate snapshot of America’s food diversity, GrubHub analysts examined year-over-year orders in more than 500 cities across the country. While Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Mexican are the nation’s most popular ethnic cuisines, respectively; the following cuisines are experiencing the most significant growth in popularity this year.

Trending Ethnic Cuisines* Pakistani: almost 97 percent more popular Caribbean: more than 68 percent more popular Halal: almost 40 percent more popular Spanish: more than 36 percent more popular African: more than 30 percent more popular In addition to uncovering Americans’ evolving ethnic dining preferences, GrubHub reviewed restaurant offerings on a local level to uncover which cities offered the widest variety of GrubHub’s 69 different ethnic cuisines.

Most Food-Diverse Cities (Ethnic Cuisines Available) New York City (56) Chicago (53) Los Angeles (45) Boston (44) San Francisco (42) Washington (41) Philadelphia (35) Miami (35) Denver (31) Houston (28) “Food is an embodiment of culture, and GrubHub brings nearly 70 ethnic options to hungry diners across America,” said Mike Evans, GrubHub co-founder and COO. “While classic takeout cuisines like American, Italian and Chinese will always be here to satisfy cravings, the volume of options available on GrubHub lets diners be adventurous without leaving the house.”

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