Questions & AnswersWould you be able to tell me for sure whether “emulsifier” is to be avoided or not?
Halal Seeker asked 9 years ago

I remember reading somewhere that the ingredient “emulsifier” was haram. I cannot remember whether or not it is haram or not, so I have been avoiding all foods that contain it. Would you be able to tell me for sure whether it is to be avoided or not? Thank you very much for your time. N.M.

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Moderator Staff answered 9 years ago

An emulsifier is generally any ingredient that is used to bind together normally non-combinative substances, such as oil and water. Egg yolks contain a natural emulsifier (LECITHIN) and are used to thicken and BIND sauces (such as HOLLANDAISE), as well to bind ingredients in baking. XANTHAN GUM is a gum and it helps in viscosity of food products with combination of other gums.
Some emulsifiers are Halal while others may be Haram. (Web posted 02.19.03 @ 12.33 am)