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Halal Seeker asked 9 years ago

Red bull is an energy drink which contains “taurine”, what is this ingredient and is it Halal?

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Moderator Staff answered 9 years ago

Taurine is described as a colorless crystalline cysteine derivative C2H7NO3S of neutral reaction found in the juices of muscle especially in invertebrates, nerve tissue, and bile. However, the taurine used in Red Bull is produced synthetically ( (Web posted 11.25.01 @ 5.03 pm)

taufiq answered 8 years ago

Assalamo Alaikum

Here is what reply I got from Red Bull UK:

“Thanks for getting in touch about this.

I can 100% confirm that Red Bull contains no animal derivatives and that all ingredients are synthetically produced and are not extracted from any animal source (so the bull’s urine myth is completely untrue!)

Taurine is a conditionally essential amino acid, which naturally occurs in the body of all mammals (including humans.) However, the Taurine that is contained in Red Bull is synthetically produced and contains no animal extracts or derivatives, therefore it is suitable for consumption by
vegetarians and vegans as well as being certified as Halal and Kosher by the relevant federations.

The wikipedia information relates to Taurine in general and the majority of the information (particularly about where it comes from) does not apply to the Taurine in Red Bull.

Best regards
Red Bull UK”

Abdul answered 8 years ago

Even if taurine is made from synthetic materials, the consumption of redbull should be avoided as this has a lot of other potential harmful side effects.

Javed answered 8 years ago

Ask your Alim or local imam who will be in the best position to guide you and give you a detailed answer. If you are in doubt, its best to stay away, thats how we have been taught.

Abu Talha answered 8 years ago

Please take a note of the fact below, thats why you should be even more careful and avoid consuming any energy drinks including redbull:
“The human body contains 70 times more taurine than one 250ml can of Red Bull.” 
Imagine consuming one or two cans of 250ml redulls everyday, how much damage it can do to your body.
Source: Belli, DC. Taurine and TPN solutions? Nutrition 1994; 10: 82-84