Questions & AnswersCategory: BakeryThere is a lot of confusion regarding Tim Hortons coffees and doughnuts. Are they halal or not?
saadya asked 9 years ago


I am from Canada and there is a lot of confusion regarding Tim Hortons coffees and doughnuts are halal or not.

Since Tim Hortons is readily available everywhere in canada.I wanted to confirm is it ok to consum Tim Hortons, my kids love their doughnuts and I drink their coffee regularly. Plus please clarify on Krispy Kreme, some say it has alcohol some say that kind of alcohol is permissible.


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Canada Halal answered 9 years ago

Dear @Saadya
As far as we know all of Tim Horton’s hot beverages except regular coffee and tea products contain ethyl alcohol which is an ingredient within the artificial ingredients section of these drinks. They further state that there is a high probability that the ethyl alcohol in these drinks is not evaporated and that one who drinks them is likely consuming the ethyl alcohol.
All of the fillings in their donuts contain ethyl alcohol as part of the artificial ingredients section of these filling. They further state that the ethyl alcohol in the fillings is definitely present upon consumption because no baking or heating occurs to the filling since they are injected into the donuts after the donuts have been baked.
Even though the amount of ethyl alcohol might be very low, and we could argue about it being evaporated or not but since Tim Hortons facilities also provide other products which are from haram sources, I would also caution you to keep a lookout for cross contamination in these stores.
Best regards
Jzk Khair

Safi Ullah answered 8 years ago

AOA, only in the case of ethyl alcohol, it is not derived from grapes, it is made of chemicals with are not haram. I called Tim Hortons and asked them about it, after a long period of time they replied me with a phone call and they told me that there is no way of using the real alcohol and all the ethyl alcohol used is derived from chemicals, its only alcohol from name. and secondly they said that they aren’t legally allowed to add real alcohol in their products as they are having many kids as their customer also and drivers also who drives while drinking, so they cant sell a product containing alcohol in it which may result in giving slow reflexes from the driver. and as far it is concerned about other things used in the products which are haram, just according to my knowledge i haven’t seen any or heard about it. but i am sure about the ethyl alcohol of what i have stated above.. My email:

.... answered 7 years ago

1. ethyl alcohol evaporates at 78 degrees and most beverages are about 78 but most importantly they come in a powder form after storage that alone should evaporate the alcohol.
2. there are no cross contamination since tims has separate facilities for pre-baking, roasting, and meats. and if you saw them change the machines you would see the mix for the beverages are in a sealed plastic containers.
3. the Venetian Cream Donut Filling contains: Water, sugar, modified corn starch, modified palm oil, canola oil, whey powder (milk), salt, titanium dioxide (colour), natural & artificial flavour (sulphites), sorbic acid (preservative), carageenan, tartaric acid (pH control), colour (FD&C yellow #5, FD&C yellow #6).
natural and artificial flavors are sulphites not alcohols.