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An Somin asked 9 years ago

This is Middlebiz from Korea.
We are a consulting firm for Middle East general trading companies based on Korea.
Recently, Korea manufacturers are highly interested to get the Halal certification.
So, here is our inquiry,
Once the Halal certification issued, can apply in Middle East generally? or if not, which is the
efficiency organization for the certificate? JAKIM is the appropriate one?
In Korea, also there is a organization however, we are not sure if it is suitable way for exporting good.
Highly appreciate your response.
Thank you.
MiddleBiz Korea

3 Answers
admin Staff answered 9 years ago

Dear Somin,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
I understand that you want to have halal certification for your clients which will be acceptable in UAE, and the rest of the Middle-East.
If so can you please name the halal certification organisation in Korea that you were referring to in your email, before we can give you a response.
Best regards,
Eat Halal

An Somin answered 9 years ago

Dear Admin,
Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
Here are few websites that I found, but it seems that they do not have appropriate information yet.
However, there are some exited companies for Halal consulting, this time we MiddleBiz
want to try this entire procedure by ourselves rather than being cooperated with them.
Do you think we can directly contact to any Halal cert. organization and fulfill the work
for the first time?
Appreciate again your response.
Best regards,

admin Staff answered 9 years ago

Both and JAKIM is the appropriate one for your requirements.
They should be able to help you get halal certification which is acceptable in UAE and Malaysia & Indonesia.
Best regards