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Halal Seeker asked 10 years ago

I visited your site today and learnt that you have questions about Maple Lodge Halal products. I have previously seen a document from one of the reputable Muslim organization declaring Maple Lodge halal products as acceptable to Muslims. With the large food processing systems and world demand machine zabiha is the only way Muslims can get any meat in this part of the world. Manual zabiha is just not possible anywhere in North America. A.S., Toronto

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Moderator Staff answered 10 years ago

Even with today’s large, high-speed chicken processing plants, it is possible to hand-slaughter, and machine-slaughtering is not the only option. has visited a large federally-inspected chicken processing plant near Niagara Falls where chickens are hand-slaughtered by Muslim slaughterers. The rest of the processing is done by machines.
Recently, has learned of a similar operation at a chicken processing plant on the west coast in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Other plants around the world also apply this method. (Web posted 06.08.03 @ 11.23 pm EDT)