Questions & AnswersCategory: AlcoholPlease can you tell me the facts about whether the alcohol in perfumes are haram?
Halal Seeker asked 9 years ago

I don’t know about any other haram things, but I have a question. My dad, and I are constantly debating about whether the alcohol in perfumes are haram. Because my arguement is that it is a medical alcohol like the one used in medicine, but my dad says that all type (even medicine based alcohol) are haram. Please can you tell me the facts of this as it is a constant worry.

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mohsin answered 9 years ago

Yes you are little bit right
First of all, in order to understand the phenomenon of Alcohol you must understand few things before.
(1) Alcohol,which is ethonal if it is from dates or grapes then it is haraam as well as najis. Najis means that it also makes other things najis. Like if a drop of blood or urine is fallen in a jug of water, the whole water becomes najis.
(2) Alcohol from the other source like sugar cane or wheat or petroleum base products is only Haraam when it reaches the level of intoxication. Below the level of intoxication it is Halaal as well as Taahir. 
And one more thing that you should keep in mind is the internal usage of alcohol and other is external one. The terms Halaal and Haraam are used for the internal use like eating or drinking and Taahir and Najis are used for the external use.
Now you have asked about the perfumes, According to my little knowledge, the alcohol used in the perfumes or cosmatic products is Denature Alcohol. Denature means that it can not intoxicate you and one more thing that it is 90 percent from the synthetic source like petroleum. So, you can use it but it is nice to use non alcoholic perfumes.
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