Questions & AnswersCategory: BeveragesMy question is that is Non-Alcoholic Beer Halal to drink or haram
Halal Seeker asked 9 years ago

I have a question about a product I saw in the market… called “Non-Alcoholic Beer” something…In the ingredient it doesn’t say alcohol at all… it was water, malt etc…But my question is that is that product is Halal to drink or haram…?? M.Q.K.

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Moderator Staff answered 9 years ago

Most “non-alcoholic” beers contain 0.5% (or less) of alcohol content. These beers should be avoided by Muslims. However, if there is a product that simply contains the word “beer” in its name and does not contain any alcohol at all (or any other Haram ingredient), then there should be no problem in consuming it, such as the soft drink “root beer”. (Web posted 12.20.02 @ 5.26 pm)