Questions & AnswersCategory: AlcoholIf extracts are haram, they why isn’t Isopropyl alcohol haram?
Halal Seeker asked 9 years ago

I don’t understand all the fuss about extracts, when the main point of the Sura about not drinking alcohol is so we are not drunk and thus losing our mental capacities, and all of the negative actions that go hand in hand with being oblivious. The minute amount of alchol in a whole bottle of extract, and then in a recipe, only a teaspoon are usually called for, not to mention that the heat from the oven will evaporate and residual alcohol is not enough to get a human being drunk. I think we are taking a point to a level that it is not meant to go. If extracts are haram, they why isn’t Isopropyl alcohol, which contains a larger amount of alcohol percetnage than extracts, and is rubbed directly onto the skin.

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Moderator Staff answered 9 years ago

In Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), ethyl alcohol is considered haram (unlawful) and najis (unclean, such as urine). Therefore, it must be avoided in all situations (except for life and death situations). Isopropyl alcohol is not considered as being najis, so there is no problem with rubbing it on ones skin.
If you would like some more insight into the matter, we would suggest that you contact an A’alim (religious scholar).