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Welcome to the new section of halal or haram at eat halal! We are so excited for this platform for two reasons:

  • We get a ton of really great questions from our visitors via email some of which we unfortunately do not have time to answer. This is frustrating because a) We♡ your interaction and some of them are great questions b) Some of these answers were not always accessible to every one
  • We are all teachers and students and eager to learn and know about the halal, haram or mashbooh status of the foods we love or the new ingredients that we find doubtful. In this global village, with so many diverse halal standards and varied halal certification bodies, the ability to provide accurate and timely answers is absolutely essential. That is why we have come up with this exiting and pioneering idea where verified contibutors from around the world will contribute and provide answers to your questions. It’s no secret that we are a global community where products are not limited to national boundries. With the introduction of GMO’s and the existing mixed production environments (halal and non-halal contamination is always imminent). We have come up with this setting for exactly this reason…because we have personally learned so much from the experience and sharing of others. Your participation is not only welcomed here, it is a vital component to the success of this platform.

How it works:
Our intention for this community is to create a safe & protected environment for members to ask questions and to receive answers, insights and reflections from those in the industry, halal certifying bodies and religious scholars and advisers as well as others in the community. This platform is not so much about chitchat as it is about providing correct and first hand answers from those involved in the production/certification of these products which will inject stimulating new thought and the mindset required in this time and age The way it works is simple…

  1. You ask a question.*
  2. An email is sent out to all the verified contributors.
  3. Anyone in the pool of verified contributors can then provide an answer/answers to the question.
  4. Anyone who wishes so can then add their insight by commenting on either the questions OR the answers.**

* If you want to ask a question privately, there is the option to make it private. Keep in mind however, that if you make the question private you will be limited to my answer only.
**There is also a voting system so you can vote the most helpful/insightful questions and answers to the top for all to benefit from.
Ask Away!
Jazakallhu Khairun!