Questions & AnswersCategory: Restaurants Take-awaysCan you verify if Wendy’s restaurants source their beef from a halal butchery
Halal Seeker asked 10 years ago

There is a rumor floating around Southern Ontario that beef in Wendy’s restaurants are from a halal butchery.
Can you verify this for me please.

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Moderator Staff answered 10 years ago

Wendy’s reportedly gets all its beef from Better Beef in Guelph, Ontario. Better Beef is Halal certified by IFANCA.
According to Ehsan Sairally, the IFANCA inspector who inspects the producer, all of Better Beef’s output is Halal, however, there may be the rare occasion when, because of an occurrence (such as injury to or absence of a Muslim slaughterman, or for some other reason, perhaps if there was a ‘dead kill’, when an animal wasn’t properly slaughtered), a whole day’s worth of supply will be sent to the “regular” supply chain and not the “Halal” customers. This is very rare, yet the possibility exists that Wendy’s might end up with such meat from Better Beef, since Wendy’s is not one of their “Halal” customers. Wendy’s is a regular customer, and the meat just happens to be Halal.
Moreover, since Wendy’s is not Halal certified, there are no guarantees that the meat is handled properly (in terms of contamination with non-Halal items), and that its transportation, storage, cutting, and the whole cooking process, including the utensils, the kitchens, and the ingredients used in cooking meet Halal requirements.
Therefore, we would strongly discourage Muslims from eating meat at Wendy’s.(Web posted 12.18.04 @ 11.49 pm EST)