Questions & AnswersCategory: Lawful & UnlawfulAre we allowed to eat food from people of the books (Christian and Jews)?
Halal Seeker asked 10 years ago

A Muslim friend of mine has told me that in the Holy Quran that it says that we are allowed to eat food from people of the books (i.e. Christian and Jews). His argument is that since the religion of these people was already altered at the time of the prophet and when the Quran was revealed. And then accordingly we may eat from them including there foods. I am not sure that I believe this argument, but I don’t posses the Islamic knowledge to say other wise. Thank you in advance for you help. H.S.

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Moderator Staff answered 10 years ago

“The Meat: Lawful and Unlawful in Islam” is a booklet which explains the concept of meat in Islam. The booklet is available online in six parts. Please also see:   &
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