How do I begin answering questions?

If you are an expert on relevant topics, it’s very easy to get started.  Simply head over to the ‘Contributor Registration’ page and submit your application. After your application has been submitted and our technical team reviews your application. Once your profile has been accepted and verified, you will be all set to start answering questions that have been awaiting answers. That’s it!

How do I change my profile information?

To change the personal information that is displays on your personal profile page, click the ‘Edit Your Profile Information’ link located in the ‘Contributor’s Profile’ page.  Once you click this link, you are directed to your profile editor which allows you to customize all of your personal information.  Simply make your desired updates and make sure to click the ‘update’ button at the bottom of the page.  That’s it.

How can I raise my contributor score?

Contributors are able to raise their score by engaging on our website and it is best done by answering more questions.  Every answer you provide will earn you more points – so the more you participate on the site, the more points you will earn. Answers are worth 20 points each, and you earn 10 points if you provide comments on a question/answer. Contributor profiles also depend on the contributor’s score.

How does help my other Internet marketing efforts?

Participating on is a great way to increase your online visibility and generate free marketing and business leads. In addition to these direct visibility benefits, is able to drive value to your other online marketing efforts. This is done by:

  1. Completing your personal profile and adding links to your website, blog and social media properties (depends on your profile level and status).
  2. This is a great way to share more information about yourself and drive traffic to these profiles.
  3. Your profile links send strong relevancy signals to search engines like Google – which helps increase the search engine visibility (SEO) of your other web portfolios.
  4. Answering questions in the knowledge base is a great way to showcase your expertise and enhance your personal brand & online identity.

What does the voting on questions and answers mean?

Every question and answer includes a rating function ‘+1′/‘-1′ button.  This button allows website visitors to ‘up-vote’/‘down-vote′ a question or an answer if they feel it is valuable and directly answers the question or it is not useful ore relevant.

Why do some contributors have different types of profiles? contributors have the ability to achieve different “levels” based on the number of contributor points they have accrued and accumulated. All contributors start off with a ‘basic’ profile called Newbie, but after after accumulating a certain number of points they are able to achieve ‘enhanced’ (Seeker: 2oo-999) and ‘premium’ (Expert: 1000 +) status.

As contributors reach higher levels, more features and functions are made available to them within their answers on their contributor profiles pages.

To Compare The Differences Between Profile Levels Click Here

What are points and how do they work?

Users that engage on our website either by asking questions, answering questions or providing genuine comments are awarded with points.

Asking a question earns you 5 points. When you contribute answers to questions you are awarded points. Every answer is worth 20 points. Commenting on a question or answer will earn you 10 points.

In addition to answering questions, contributors can earn an easy 50 points by completing their contributor profile.

The more points a user has, the more features and functions become available to their profiles. Additionally, users with higher points get better visibility for their content and they have the ability to be featured on the leaderboard of Experts.

To Compare The Differences Between Profile Levels Click Here

How does help with SEO?

An important aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is related to quality of links your website gets from other sites on the web.  As an esteemed contributor, you have the ability to add links to your website on your contributor profile. Now only approved and verified contributors will be allowed to have links to their websites.

These links are ‘SEO friendly’ and can help with SEO of your website, blog and social media profiles perform better in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Those users that achieve a ‘premium profile’ status are able to customize the link text to their website, which adds even better SEO value.

How can contributors generate leads from

Contributors are able to generate leads by answering questions that are posted to our website.  Contributor profiles for all levels of users include a ‘Email Address’ button, which allows consumers and visitors alike to securely send a message to the contributor. Users that have achieved ‘enhanced’ or ‘premium’ status have an Expert status with each of their answers – making it even easier for consumers and visitors to recognise them as the experts and can contact the contributor.

Many contributors find that certain types of questions generate a nice number of high quality leads. So if you are a regular contributor, it makes it a lot e

What is the incentive for contributors to answer questions?

There are a number of reasons why experts, religious scholars, certification bodies and halal industry professionals love contributing to And to answer questions which are thoroughly researched and are provide excellent value is why everyone loves

  1. It’s free promotion.  It’s a great way to get your name and contact information out there and position yourself as a subject matter expert.
  2. It drives traffic to your websites, blogs and social media profiles
  3. It generates leads via the ‘email address’ button and website links
  4. It adds SEO value to your overall online marketing strategy
  5. It is part of our core values, sharing is caring
  6. It’s fun!

Can I answer questions even though my registration application was not accepted?

No, you may only answer questions if you are registered.  You will have to register prior to starting answering questions. You will need a unique email address and a unique username.

However, if you wish to be featured as an expert with an enhanced profile you will have to ask for your profile to be verified after you have been registered. As features content from contributors who are experts in their field and have established authority, we will thoroughly review each registration application before a verified status is awarded.