Contributor Profile and Points Overview

We have tried to provide a unique platform where users wishing to seek answers for a vast array of subjects and topics related to halal or haram can do so with the help of others. Interacting and engaging at this platform is very easy. Our intuitive platform only requires you to be able to register using a username and an email address.

The table below illustrates the features available to agents across the 3 different profile levels.
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* Users must have an active account in order to maintain a Seeker or Expert profile

Contributor on our website are awarded with points. Yes, not only will visitor who engage by providing answers and comments quench their thirst for knowledge, they will also be awarded points for taking part in this healthy activity.

When you first register with us, as a token of goodwill we award you 10 points. You will be awarded 5 points for merely putting up a relevant question. If you answer a question, you are awarded with 20 points. Providing valuable comments to a question or an answer is awarded 5 points.

In addition to receiving points for asking or answering questions, contributors can also earn an easy 50 points by filling out their contributor profile. Contributor points are publicly displayed on their profiles based on their profile rank and the top contributors are also featured on the Experts leaderboard. And even merely logging-in to our website will earn you 1 point each time you do so.

Contributor Profiles

The more points a contributor accumulates, the more features and functions become available to their user profile. Users with higher points are able to achieve higher profile levels, which provides better visibility for them and their content. In addition to overall points – a user must also continue to actively contribute answers to in order to maintain a Seeker or Expert profile.

Below is a breakdown of the profile levels:

  • Newbie  (Basic Profile): 0 – 199 Points
  • Seeker (Enhanced Profile): 200 – 999 Points
  • Expert (Premium Profile): 1000 + Points

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