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Halal Integrity

Eating Halal: Beyond the Ingredients

For most of us Muslims, the concept of halal and haram with respect to food is all about ingredients and their sources. We often overlook the most important question: has the food been acquired through halal means? A halal item ...

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Meat of the People of the Book

By: Saad Nasim The following is a posting that was posted by Br. Saad Nasim in our previous discussion about the meat of the People of the Book. Please note that the opinions presented by the author may not necessarily ...

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Eating Halal Meals at School

Eating Halal in a Non-Muslim country can be a challenge for many adults, but it is even more of a challenge for Muslim children. As schools re-open for yet another school year, eat-halal.com’s editor takes a quick look at the ...

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