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Meat & Poultry

USA: Halal Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the singularly American tradition of family, friends, and food – and the mighty turkey reigns supreme. In fact, founding father Benjamin Franklin thought the turkey was a better candidate for our nation’s National Bird than the bald eagle: ...

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UAE: Government certification to be must for halal products

Sajila Saseendran, Khaleej Times Dubai Accreditation Centre announces launching of a scheme of Halal accreditation for Halal certification bodies. Will cover all procedures, products of the food chain in Dubai All Halal meat products and slaughtering facilities will require government ...

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New Zealand: Demand grows for halal meat exports

By Julian Lee, 3 News Halal meat is becoming one of New Zealand’s major exports, with the billion-dollar industry now feeding 75 countries. But as production expands, questions are being raised about whether all New Zealand meat should become halal. ...

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Sweden: Agency backs halal meat in school lunch spat

The Swedish schools agency has ruled that serving of halal meat in schools does not break the law in response to complaints from parents who argued the practice breaches the non-denominational praxis of the Swedish education system. Parents in Svedala in southern ...

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