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Opinion: Politics and Ritual Halal Slaughter

As part of the Islamic/halal economic undertaking, Malaysia or Dubai could be an ideal platform, via an international conference/summit, to take a deep dive into the charged issue of animal slaughter. There is much confusion among the Muslims (too many ...

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Muslims in Canada cracking down on fake Halal foods

Muslim community in Canada is  concerned that the halal products available in the market may not be properly halal certified resulting in many to buying products that may be fake labelled without their knowledge. Toronto – Canada’s Muslim community leaders ...

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UK: Defra withdraws stun legislation at eleventh hour


Defra’s decision to halt implementation of new EU regs on stunning have been welcomed by British poultry producers. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has suspended the application of an EU legislation which mandated higher currents (amperage) ...

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