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Healthy Eating

Pork, source of ‘bad’ bacteria: Studies

CBC News Online   CHICAGO – New studies on food safety have found pork may contain even more dangerous germs than poultry. The findings were presented at the 2001 Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy in Chicago. A team ...

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Food: for stomachs or trash bags?

Courtesy of Sikander Z. Hashmi From the moment we leave Eid prayers and for days and perhaps even weeks ahead, many of us will find ourselves feasting as if we haven’t eaten for a month. That’s fine, since Eid is ...

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Your Kids and Halal/Haram Foods

By: Habib Ullah As Muslims, we have several responsibilities on our families and neighbours, but we have a special obligation to our children. It is incumbent upon us to shield them from what s haram by educating them. The children ...

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Why Islam Forbids Pork?

Courtesy of Ask-Imam.com food and drinks have direct impact on our health. because of this Islam has prescribed laws about our food and drinks. It lays great emphasis on our bodily as well as ethical health, as a result of ...

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Doctor offers health guidelines for Ramadhan

By: www.eat-halal.com Staff Come Ramadhan, our diet is radically altered. Our meals get condensed in mornings and evenings, with no intake in-between for an extended period of time. For some of us, the intake of oily foods skyrockets. These changes ...

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