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Halal Standards

Historical Perspective on Halal Certification

By: Dr. Mohamed Sadek – Courtesy of IFANCA Muslims are instructed by ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, to eat only Halal foods and when in doubt to avoid its consumption. This incentive dates back to the time of Prophet Adam, alaihis ...

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Why Islam Forbids Pork?

Courtesy of Ask-Imam.com food and drinks have direct impact on our health. because of this Islam has prescribed laws about our food and drinks. It lays great emphasis on our bodily as well as ethical health, as a result of ...

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Zabihah/Dhabihah the Islamic Ritual Slaughter

Almighty Allah Ta’ala in His infinite mercy has made certain animals Halal (permissible) for this Ummah. We are required to be thankful to Him by following the dictates of the Qur’aan and Sunnah by ensuring that His name is taken ...

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Meat of the People of the Book

By: Saad Nasim The following is a posting that was posted by Br. Saad Nasim in our previous discussion about the meat of the People of the Book. Please note that the opinions presented by the author may not necessarily ...

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