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Halal Certification

UK: Aldi apologises for mislabelled turkey crown

Aldi has apologised to consumers after boxes of its frozen Oakhurst turkey crowns had been mislabelled as halal-accredited. An Aldi customer, Pip Singh, contacted the discounter earlier in December, putting up a photograph of a cardboard box of Oakhurst turkey crowns together with the term ‘halal’ written on the side on its Facebook page. Aldi’s initial response to ...

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Opinion: What halal certification suits Japan?

By S.Yokoyama In Japan, we are carefully studying Halal, determined to provide new choices to both visitors in Japan and to Muslims overseas. We inevitably encounter a major question: which country’s or which group’s Halal certification should we acquire? That issue ...

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Brunei Halal Brand: Getting more shelf space

By Koo Jin Shen BRUNEI Halal is steadily gaining recognition in markets around the world. In 2013, delegations from both regional and European markets have expressed interest in cooperation across a number of sectors. International interest In January, a senior ...

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