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Halal Food Authority Endorsement of Slaughterhouses

This is the what HFA “CLAIM” to be following  in regards to slaughterhouse approval. There is no credible evidence or third party assurance that HFA can be trusted. We are merely putting what is being claimed. Please make sure you do your research. Allah Knows best!


In the UK the slaughterhouses for bovine, ovine and poultry slaughter, together with turkey, rabbit etc. are operating under EC licenses. These are governed by the Meat Hygiene Services regulations and are audited and regularly inspected by the MHS inspectors. All slaughter houses have a particular four digit number allocated to them, for example 2346, with an EC as a prefix to denote EC approval.

The Halal Food Authority (HFA) licences participating slaughter houses on a contractual basis, by licensing these, to oversee that there is always a licensed Muslim slaughterer to do the every day slaughter and the carcass and the meat portions are easily identifiable as halal. Apart from observance of the relevant slaughtering regulations, for example Welfare of Animal Slaughtering and Killing Regulations 1999 (WASK 99/400), the HFA slaughtering rules have to be adhered to. One of these is that the slaughter house where pigs are killed is never to be licensed to partake in Muslim ritual slaughter. Also slaughter houses should neither trade or stock pigs on the same lines or rails or walk-in chillers. There should not be any pig or pork in the vicinity of the plant.

The HFA inspectors have access to the plant, under the agreement, to audit, monitor and correct any aspect of the slaughter which does not conform to Islamic ethics or ethos. Approval to trade in halal is given on the basis of total compliance of animal welfare regulations, EC and MAFF laws and adherence of the HFA rules. Apart from MHS audit and inspection the HFA checks compliance and logging of HACCP.

The HFA is not commercially or otherwise connected to the slaughter house trade and business. The HFA is purely an authenticating body endorsing their products as halal.
The slaughterhouse intending to join the HFA halal endorsement net-work for halal are invited to telephone 020 8563 1994 for an application form.


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