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Halal Food Authority Endorsement of Meat Distributors

This is the what HFA “CLAIM” to be following  in regards to ingredients approval. There is no credible evidence or third party assurance that HFA can be trusted. We are merely putting what is being claimed. Please make sure you do your research. Allah Knows best!


Upon receipt of an application for halal accreditation, an initial inspection and audit of the plant and ingredients is carried out at the expense of the procurer, manufacturer, supplier or the distributor to ascertain the possibilities, feasibility and facilities which are pre-requisite to authentication of halal operation.

This initial audit is done in the light of Bond of Confidentiality (BoC) that is signed by the respective establishment and Halal Food Authority. BoC is drafted by the company or establishment seeking halal validity and it is to safeguard their trading interests.

Upon completion of the exchange of the agreement and contract, drafted by the HFA, both organisations  (endorsers and endorsees) are required to sign the contract and a customary date of commencement of the license is set and, having paid the prescriptive subscription fees, an annual licence is issued.

Approved manufacturer, supplier or distributor by virtue of the endorsement is entitled to use the HFA logo of halal authenticity on their ingredients and products. HFA logo is used on wrap-overs and packaging of approved products.

In accordance with the agreement, HFA makes at least three unannounced inspections or audits at establishments of endorsees who procure and process foodstuffs or ingredients or flavourings, preservatives and additives for foods. Slaughterhouses, cutting plants or distributors are audited on a variable scale.

Even after endorsements, throughout the year – processors and manufacturers of ingredients and foodstuffs have to advise HFA, prior to changing any constituents of food or suppliers of any particular substance.

Muslim slaughtermen in approved slaughterhouses do also officiate as HFA resident inspectors.

The provisions of current, relevant UK/EU legislation of food production, food hygiene, meat hygiene, health and safety and HACCP rules must be complied with. In addition, as and when applicable, compliance with the zibah and halal slaughtering rules of the Halal Food Authority is required.

During the manufacture of Halal products, the Manufacturer/ Distributor shall not mix Non-Halal food/ingredients/products, with Halal. Ingredients should not be of non-Halal animal origin or extract. Cleansing of equipment, machines, vessels, pipes, and tunnels etc. is to be conducted in accordance with the halal rules and EU rules in vogue. There should never be a trace of alcohol in finished manufactured and processed products.

The Manufacturer/Distributor shall conduct their business according to the best Islamic traditions of honesty, fairness, cleanliness and honourable behaviour.

The manufacturer, wherever appropriate, shall display the HFA sign and logo on distribution vehicles, stationary, delivery notes, invoices, credit notes, wrap-overs and on the packaging of products.

The Manufacturer/ Distributor shall, along with the slaughtering houses, abattoirs, suppliers of ingredients and raw materials, follow the HFA slaughtering, processing and distribution rules.

The Manufacturer/ Distributor undertakes to advise the HFA, from time to time, names and addresses of organisations and outlets to which the products are distributed and where they are sold from; and ensure that these Halal products are not displayed with non-Halal items.

Pork or pork derivatives should never be stocked, stored, processed or added to any item in the vicinity of halal approved meat, poultry or foodstuffs. Even packed pork should not be handled by personnel who are detailed to work with halal product/s or where halal materials are stored. As a rule halal substances would be stocked in marked areas separately.

Endorsees, albeit associate or full members of Halal Food Authority (HFA) endorsement network are facilitated the usage of HFA logo of authenticity and validation of halal status on their named approved product/s.

Endorsements and licences are automatically renewed annually on the due dates unless there is a fissure.


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