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UK: Halal-elujah! Meat is safe for Muslims

Venison, ostrich, llama and pheasant – perhaps not the first meats that spring to mind at this time of year. But a Dewsbury retailer is providing exactly that for a market that is growing bigger all the time in Britain – Halal. ...

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Brunei Halal Brand: Getting more shelf space

By Koo Jin Shen BRUNEI Halal is steadily gaining recognition in markets around the world. In 2013, delegations from both regional and European markets have expressed interest in cooperation across a number of sectors. International interest In January, a senior ...

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Japan: Kyoto aims to be Muslim-friendly city

Japan Times KYOTO – (Muslim-friendly city) Kyoto, a city known worldwide as a major center for Buddhism and as the home of some of the country’s most famous Shinto shrines, is stepping up efforts to better welcome one particular group ...

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