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Public Health

Milk products free from botulism – New Zealand

No sign of botulism bacteria found in dairy products of world’s biggest dairy exporter, Fonterra, government says. After retest of products’ ingredients for milk products of New Zealand’s largest dairy company, Fonterra, Government officials have said “No sign of botulism ...

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Pork, source of ‘bad’ bacteria: Studies

CBC News Online   CHICAGO – New studies on food safety have found pork may contain even more dangerous germs than poultry. The findings were presented at the 2001 Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy in Chicago. A team ...

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Say cheese – Chymosin and Cloning

Cheese producers were cheesed off. People were just not eating enough veal. Slaughterhouses were running short of calf stomachs, and the cheese industry was feeling the pinch. There was not enough rennet to meet the demands of turophiles (that’s “cheese ...

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Soft Drinks: We Drink This Stuff!

Soft drinks could be an unexpected health risk to teenage girls. A new study suggests girls who drink cola may have weaker bones, and a much higher risk of fractures. One possible reason: Cola drinks contain phosphoric acid. And phosphorous ...

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