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Animal Welfare and Slaughter Houses in the UK

The provisions of current UK and EU legislation according to health, welfare and slaughter of animals and poultry, as appropriate, must be complied with. A traceability certificate must be provided for beef slaughter.  Every practical effort must be made to ...

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‘Hi-tech’ Halal poultry plant a first for UK

£6 million plant set to open after Ramadhan (October 1, 2004) Sikander Z. Hashmi, eat-halal.com As it stands now, most of the Halal chickens that land in plates across the UK aren’t processed in state-of-the-art Muslim-owned plants devoted to Halal ...

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Moo! What’s on the Menu?

A brief look at what Canadian cattle are fed. BSE (commonly referred to as Mad cow disease) is once again in the news. Back in December, a Holstein milk cow in Washington State was found to have Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy ...

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