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By advertising on eat-halal.com, you will be supporting our cause – to help you have a healthier halal lifestyle. Since Eat-halal.com is a non-profit site, all funds raised through advertisement are used solely for operating, enhancing, and promoting the site.

We are an established and rapidly growing website. We’ve picked up a substantial following: our readership is rapidly growing (we’ve got the Google analytics to prove it!), our social media following is large and highly engaged.

Our commitment to being honest and unpretentious is what makes us unique. Our range of tailored advertising opportunities include:

– Website Banners
– Sponsored Blog Posts
– Social Media Exposure
– Competitions

Eat-halal.com’s visitors are active Halal-conscious (Haloodies) Muslims who have a keen interest in doing things the ‘Islamic way’. While Eat-halal.com receives visitors from all over the world, most are from Europe, North America and Asia. Canadians make the bulk of the North American visitors. Most Canadian Eat-halal.com visitors reside in the Greater Toronto Area. Eat-halal.com also gets many visitors from other Canadian cities such as Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Type Example Approximate
Location Price
Banners ads (various sizes) See ads under “sponsors”
on right side of your current browser window
20,000+/month All pages (entire
site with some exceptions)
£250+ GBP/yearContact for more information
Text Link Brought to you by Your_
9,000+/month Main entry page http://www.eat-halal.com) £15 GBP/month or£35 GBP/3 months
E-mail Sponsor Message This message is brought
to you by Your_Company, where you can buy whatever they sell. Visit them
today! http://www.your_company.com
3800 e-mails+/week Top of each e-mail message
(mailing list and answers to questions)
£20 GBP/week£70 GBP/month

Prices subject to change without notice

To advertise, or for more information, e-mail us now at adinfo@eat-halal.com

A big “thank you” to all our current and previous sponsors!

AlSafa Halal
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Versa Canada
Radio Islam
Watan Newspaper
Yorkland Travel
Toronto Shariah Program
Madina Fine Foods
Destination Car and Truck Rentals

-Banner file size : 13 kb maximum
-Banner content : No animate life forms such as animals or people.
-It can be animated or static.  Animation can loop infinitely. No flashy animation allowed.
-Graphic format : gif, jpeg
-Banner/Message subject to approval
-No cancellations or refunds
-You can switch to a different banner/message for no extra charge (limit of onechange per week)
-E-mail sponsor message size: maximum 30 words
-Other conditions may apply